Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fixed Broken Layout in IE

fixed: broken layouts in IE

You need friendly negative criticism.

Especially when you have a cred-neg

site malfunction or mis-rendering.

The best ally of a blogger is

a blog reader who tells you what's wrong

with your blog, your ideas, your tone.

If necessary, this benevolent reader

will use harsh or sarcastic language,

to shake you up and out of your lethargy,

your misconception, your failed execution.

A reader of my blogs alerted me to a problem.

I had a cataclysmic usability error:

sites not rendering correctly

on IE, while rendering perfectly on

Mozilla Firefox browser.

Large sidebar images were
breaking layout rendering in IE.

A good friend alerted me.

"You do know...[etc.]...don't you?"

I was able to recover an error-ridden

blog mess, a blog supposed to teach

and display best blogging practices.

And here it is, violating Rule #1:

download fast with correct rendering.

Usability Rule #2:

audience-appropriate appearance

(professional, artistic, academic,
scientific, scholarly, entertaining,
authoritative, innovative, etc.
depending on purpose and readership).

Firefox vs. Internet Explorer (IE)

Firefox is almost nearly always

near-lightning fast in most cases,

even on dialup internet connections.


blase, disinterested

pros and cons in



* jejune
jaded *

carries more credibility

than proper business writing

--in the online realm--.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

+ = -


MARYBETH said...

Dear Vaspers,
If you have time , stop by and visit my BLOG. Let me know your thoughts.
Hey what is fire fox? Do I already have it? If not, should I get it?
Sadly our rural desert area does not offer any fast Internet connections; however, it is rumored that with multiple new houses going up on our road-CABLE IS COMING! (thanks be to god it does and Soon!!!!)
Last night my connection was sooo sloooooooooow, I signed off and read instead. I don't deal with frustration well, when I am tired.
I read about your recommendation to reply to comments in the comment section. I have been going to the commenter blog and responding there. Should I do both?
Oh, so many questions, so little time.

steven edward streight said...

I respond to a comment within the comment thread, and not on the other's blog.

But then I go to the other's blog and see if a similar topic thread is over there.

If not, I find some relevant post, some post that I could contribute rich content to, or pose a question, or challenge an assertion, or cheer a profundity, or tell a joke.

I want to keep one idea stream in one location, to reduce users having to link all over the place just to reach closure with something, which can't always be avoided, but intact conversations in one location, then links to further explorations, is my prefered method.

I also have dialup, and all web sites and blogs should be designed to this specification, with rendering benchmark IE, then Firefox second, which I screwed up on recently, but got corrected yesterday.

Firefox is a browser, what you use to surf the web, between you and the web sites, displaying them to you through the browser's eyes and capabilities.

Firefox is faster and reportedly safer than Internet Explorer.

I have added Firefox to my computer, and almost never use IE anymore, but need to check all my sites in IE, since it's still the most popular, most commonly used browser.

Just click-select that Firefox button on my site, that's what it's there for. Because I believe in it and want to recommend it to all my site visitors, as well as Gmail and Blogger.


will take you
into the next world.

steven edward streight said...

I just got back from visiting your blog.

Loose lips sink ships.

steven edward streight said...

I couldn't post a comment at your blog, MaryBeth.

I click-selected Post a Comment, and nothing happened.

At someone else's blog earlier I tried to activate access to the blog comment posting form, and got a, got something else let's say. And it took a while to get rid of it.

So I've been trying to post comments a few places, no luck.

Even The Red Couch/Naked Conversations Microsoft blog was not processing comments yesterday.

And most of my readers know I'm very much a comments advocate.

MARYBETH said...

Dear Steve,

I remain LINKLESS =(

bought the book
read it twice
followed link directions
and it don't look nice.

my sidebar is waaaay down on my page
I feel frustration building rage

my blogging teacher can't leave a note
I'm jumping of this Blogger boat

what is IT that I'm doing wrong?
Its time to end this whiney song.

steven edward streight said...

I'll go look at your blog MaryBeth.

Not sure why your sidebar is getting shoved down, but readers were telling me that in IE, Internet Explorer browser, my side bar also was shoved down below all the posts that appear on main page of site.

My problem was images too wide, breaking the layout in IE.

Your problem, I don't know yet.

Adding links to sidebar is easy.

This should cheer you up: I just lost my entire template for Blog Core Values.

I had to use the copy I had on file, but that was minimalistic, early, practically nothing in the sidebar.

So I had to transfer the blogroll from Vaspers the Grate to BCV.

Then I've been spending all Saturday night just slowly reconstructing the entire blog.


I feel very peaceful, not upset at all this work abruptly disrupting my Saturday night.

I'm glad I bought some music recordings by THE MIGHTY LEMON DROPS and some other material to keep me company while I bang my bleedy fingers on the keyborg.


No problemo.

steven edward streight said...

MaryBeth, I still cannot post comments at your blog.

Get rid of the popup box comment function. I mean, switch to the other, the comment field within the blog post body, not as separate popup box.

That might help.

Go into template, click-select Comments. Change to "not as new popup window" or whatever it says.

You can start adding links under "Links" in your template.

Not sure what your problem with link additions is.

With my instructions and the Castro book, you should be in good shape to accomplish it.

You'll be happy when you see how easy it is.

You know how to write a link, right?

Chris Ritke said...

That's the way it is - test, test, test and test again! I have had the same problem often enough - build it, test it on the browser I'm currently using (Firefox, of course!) upload it and - bam - something's broken in IE or Safari or even Firefox on the Mac. I don't even want to know what it looks like on Linux browsers - or Sun machines... but I probably should.

steven edward streight said...

When I try to use IE to view my blogs, Vaspers the Grate and Blog Core Values take forever to download.

I give up and go back to Firefox so I can get something done.

Downloads make me sleepy. They're boring. I dislike long download times.

The number one rule of web sites: fast download.

And now I can't even comply with the fundamental primary rule.

Blue Blogging strikes.

Drifting in the ease of Firefox, forgetting what the majority use.

It's another blogosphere, the IE-B.

I prefer the MF-B.

Chris Ritke said...

One of the main differences between IE and Firefox is how they build the page - IE seems to wait until it has 'a complete section' of the html before it displays something, Firefox seems to start displaying things sooner, before it has 'complete sections'

So it's a good idea to have the page built in sections that load one after another, instead of one huge table that has to load completely before the browser knows how to build it. So if you have a table for the top part, one for the middle and then one for the end it should start displaying quicker... so it's not about loading quicker, it's about when the browser displays stuff as it's coming in.

steven edward streight said...

That makes sense.

Lisa said...

My layout is broken in's okay in IE. Can you help me fix it Steven?

steven edward streight said...

I'll take a look at it.

Lisa said...

Thanks...I've tried everything and can't figure out what's causing it.

steven edward streight said...

My layout is rendered correctly, then incorrectly, back and forth, in Firefox, but just in terms of what happens to sidebar.

When I click-select an individual post on my blog, for some reason, the sidebar that extends beyond the end of the post, it decides to wrap over to the center, giving the impression of a double sidebar, now two columns, one in center, one on right side.

Very odd.

A CSS problem.

Maybe new upgrades to Firefox is causing the oddity. Probably. Nothing can be done till a work around is developed. Or another patch.

Lisa said...

Thanks Steven...I appreciate you having a look and the help. If someone comes along with a solution or if it starts displaying correctly, could someone email me to let me know. Thanks--Lisa

steven edward streight said...

Having trouble connecting to the internet today.

Keep getting message "Problem with your modem. It's being used by another program or it's not properly connected."

May not be able to do much till tomorrow.

steven edward streight said...

Lisa: your cake blog is very nice, though I hate cake and prefer pie.

I think you should try moving the code that says "end of profile container" all that code with the proper tags, move it down to where you want the profile container to end, after all the Flickr photos or wherever it looks best to you to end it.