Monday, July 18, 2005

Errorwear, because it's code outside

Errorwear is digitally correct, and is what you need to wear, because it's code outside.

You need to protect yourself from the karma you've reaped from triggering error messages in games and web browsing.

You need to ward off the digital demons you've attracted by your sloppy playing or bad surfing habits.

Check out this web site that sells Error Code tee shirts.


256th Level (Pac Man) -- $14.50

There is no level 256 in Pac Man. Upon reaching this summit, the game simply breaks, and this is how it looks.

For that added touch, we've also set the displayed score to be 3,333,360 which is the highest possible score.

If you eat every dot, every ghost, and every fruit for 255 levels, this screen and this score are your rewards. Someone is even offering $100,000 to anyone who can get past this broken level.

By far the most requested shirt at Errorwear, finally unleashed in it's NINE silk screens glory. Thanks to Alex for the idea.

Not Responding (Win2000/XP) -- $14.50

"Not Responding" is the application status report when a naughty program doesn't dignify the Task Manager with an answer. Like that snobby girl at the bar, this program pretends like it didn't hear the query and doesn't give the polite and normal "Running" response. Unlike the snobby girl at the bar, a simple click of the "End Task" button will remove this rude program from your memory.

For trivia fans: 95/98 used MS Sans Serif for Task Manager messages but Windows 2000 introduced the use of Tahoma! Cool!

Not Responding (Girly) -- $14.50

...and now, ladies, you can BE the snobby girl in the bar. Let everyone know ahead of time how approachable you are. The men who step to you will have to be extremely brave, foolish, or good with Windows 2000 to attempt dealing with a Not Responding process such as yourself.

This shirt is obivously the same as the above men's version, but now printed on American Apparel's amazing Girly-T. This is a shirt that even the non-geek think is pretty nice.

Bad Command or File Name -- $14.50

This message would be thrown at you at least one thousand times during the average DOS session. If you're in the wrong folder, your paths are not set, or if you simply hit the wrong key, this message pops up and gives you a fresh C:/> prompt. It was a gentler time back in DOS. Sure, DOS took no crap, but it also didn't get all in your face with it's problems. If it was ever overwhelmed, it simply hung, silent and dignified.




MARYBETH said...

Good Morning Steven,

Hey, please direct me to where the article you had regarding a group seeking a person who wants a small businees blog.
first, would this include the promotion of a yet unpublished book??
Paul over on SPIRITUALDIABLOG, was hoping his blog A FIRSTHANDFAITH would create this, but thus far it has not accomplished the goal.
Please advise me.
Gracias Senior,
N a m a s t e ,

steven edward streight said...

Blogspotting is looking for bloggers who own businesses and blog about them, struggling or succeeding.

MARYBETH said...

hi steve,
I tried to get there , but keep getting an error message =o

will the endless frustrations ever end??

N a m a s t e ,

steven edward streight said...

You're getting an error message when you try to access Blogspotting?

And you tell me this in a comment at a post about Errorwear?

Are you trying to be ironic, or were you just born that way?