Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dumping Yahoo Email

[EDIT UPDATE July 15, 2005: Got new password. It worked one day. Next day, new password doesn't work. Real top flight organization this Yahoo email. Screw them. This is a seriously detrimental event. Client messages and vital updates are sent to my Yahoo email. Not anymore. Losers.]

Tonight I'm dumping my Yahoo email account.

Send no more messages to it.

Yahoo demanded my username and password, I entered them correctly, I was denied access to my account. I defragmented my hard drive and deleted temporary internet files. I emptied the recycle bin. Got rid of all cookies. Still, no access.

This means I will never be able to read or respond to any the old and current emails to me at the Yahoo account.

The "sign up problems" and "log in help" functions are dysfunctional, just take me back to the log in page. The Yahoo site is unresponsive and unusable. Such a horrible usability forces me to abandon them and never return.

I can't recall all the discussion lists, newsletters, updates, comment response notifications, and other services that are going to that address. I'm screwed now, because I'll have to try to remember them all, and send a message to each service, asking them to redirect their mail to my address at Gmail. Very time-consuming.

Use this Gmail address to contact me:

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com



MARYBETH said...

Dear Vaspers ,

I dont know if you remember Gilda Radner's character Rosanne RASANNA DANA, on SNL years ago..


As ROSANNE ROSANADANNA always said ...




steven edward streight said...

Yes, Gilda Radner.

Very bad web day. Almost as bad as the day wife's son's wife sent us non-optimized digital photo files that when we tried to download and view them, crashed the computer, and when we tried to send the photo files to her work computer at the insurance company, it acted like a virus. It kept sending the file all day long, tied up the computer, couldn't do anything else with it, it could not be stopped, even pulling the plug had no effect!

Plug it back in, still sending the photo file. Like a feedback loop that's stuck and can't end.

We had to call MSN and spend over an hour figuring out how to stop it. We had to delete all our settings to stop it, then re-set all the settings.


steven edward streight said...

And my Easy Web Stats users online counter quit working yesterday, kicked back in for a little while today, and now tonight has vanished. Vanished!

Can't access their site, so it must be a server problem.

It's like today the internet and my computer crashed and burned to death, leaving only a smokey skeleton grimacing at me with a merry twinkle.

carrie said...

that sounds really frustrating!
i hope today will be better for you.
computers not working properly makes me feel so helpless-- which is really one of the worst feelings there is, i think.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks for your support MB and CS.

Forgive me if I've been rather cranky the past few days.

"What the crap is a...." comment and such.

Thank God: Psycho Dad has left the building, not a trace of the evil wanker anywhere (see Cosmos Blogmos for the true story).

steven edward streight said...

I just sent a web mail message to Yahoo Customer Care, describing the problem.

In a whole year, I have not had a single problem with them. I had just recently raved in a post about how they keep all spam out of my inbox, Yahoo and Gmail both.

So I hope they contact me at my Gmail account with a solution.

To be locked out of your primary email account, the one all your discussion lists and newsletters go to, is indeed frustrating and mysterious.

It has to be a problem with Yahoo Sign In function. doesn't recognize my correct username/id or my password.

Will update this topic as events occur, in case anyone else runs into this problem.

What next?