Thursday, July 07, 2005

Deconstruction of Jejune Jumpers unblog

Deconstruction of Jejune Jumpers is required by the very fact of its existence, its existing on the furthest edge of the blogosphere.

Jejune Jumpers

While there is some question as to

whether it's the jumpers or their diet

that is technically "jejune",

no matter, Jejune Jumpers

is still a clear

and colliding violation of

vertually every technical element

and virtuous purpose of true blogging.

Jejune Jumpers may be made with

blogging software,

but it is

not a


Or is it?

Could it be a digital billboard?

A single slogan, disguised as

a simple children's story?

A revolutionary act

pretending to be

a solitary page

of the web?

So far, these characteristics

have come to light:

Jejune Jumpers

has NO conventional

blog attributes

or functions...

* NO author

* NO tagline description

* NO posts

* NO comments

* NO trackbacks

* NO RSS feeds

* NO subscriptions

* NO profile/about

* NO contact

* NO previous posts

* NO archives

* NO sidebar badges

* NO sponsored links

* NO ads

* NO affiliations

Hence, an unblog, the first in the blogosphere.

An historical event.


Is this aggregate of absences an attack?

If so, on what?

Or is this mystery its great secret

and source of power?

And what of the "story of..."?

Are the Jejune Jumpers

an allegorical reference to


Is the malnourished condition

of the Jejune Jumpers unblog

itself symbolic of the entire

blogosphere itself?

Is the blogosphere,

are bloggers,


needing the nourishment

of a blogologist

called Vaspers?

Is the "invisible stairway" actually

the way we stare at [stare-way, way

as in "method": stare-system] blogs?

We stare at blogs

hoping to ascend to

an information heaven,

communication utopia,

interactive paradise.

And Jejune Jumpers just

sits there as a site unsighted.

What "thinking outside

the blog box"

looks like.


Worse than a static web site.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

- = +

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