Saturday, July 16, 2005

Creatures of the Solar World

The sun has a solid surface, and is not just a giant fiery bag of gas.

This theory is put forth by Michael Mozina of Mt. Shasta, CA at his The Surface of the Sun site, as described in my Webs for World Progress blog.

His email address is michael [at] thesurfaceofthesun [dot] com

The Sun Eaters

I know all about the solid surface of the sun, the wild pools and enormous ants that litter the moon, and the fish that swim eerily under the ice crust of Io's water oceans.

But what I'm going to discuss now is the surface of the solar world.

I don't say "sun" because that reinforces the misconception that it's a big fire ball.

I say "solar world" instead.

The creatures, called heliovores, or "sun eaters", that thrive in this light planet you insist on calling the "sun", these astonishing fellows don't mind the millions of degrees heat. Hearing that, aren't you now ashamed at how you crave air conditioning and ice cream on hot summer days?

Sun Eaters don't actually chew up the sun itself, the radiant core of it. Instead, they give the impression of gobbling the sun's outer solid shell, as they gnaw on the edges of the sun's iron oxide crust. Yet, it's not even necessarily the iron they're after. It's what slithers and writhes upon it.

On these edges are larvae of brilliantly hued sun worms. Yes, I said larvae, because they don't like the full grown ones. The adult sun worms are bitter to their taste.

If you could bring a HelioVore down to this here water planet, our globe or sphere, paradoxically called "Earth", but really it's name is Oceanogen (oh-shon-oh-jen), the thing could kill you by simply landing on you. They're huge and heavy, in other words. And spectacular.


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Michael said...

That is sort of a typical response to a new idea. Ridicule is easy. Scientific refutes are another matter entirely.

Thanks for mentioning my site on your blog. Sooner or later, others will begin to realize that Kristian Kirkeland had the sun figured out 100 years ago, and the gas model was never anything more than a 'theory' who's time has now passed.


Michael Mozina

steven edward streight said...

My "Sun Eaters" story is inspired by your theories, and my own speculation that the sun could have beings that live in and on it.

There is no ridicule here, unless it is leveled at my poor understanding of astrophysics, exobiology, or cryptobiology.

When we ask "radical", "wild", or "unconventional questions" of things we assume we understand, perhaps that's where truth begins to germinate.