Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Cool "I Blog" stamp available

A nifty "I blog" stamp is apparently available from Stamps dot com.

Thanks to Evan Williams, Evhead blog, inventor of Blogger and Odeo.

How do you like that?

The snail mail you stick in an envelope and send by land, or other physical dimensions of Old Reality, can now proudly bear the image that shouts "Blog Boy~!" or "Blog Girl~!" to everyone en route and at its destination.

I strongly urge all my readers to check out Evhead every day. His posts are usually one sentence or two, with links to further information. Maybe I should do more of that. Is there a self-help group or book for Verbose Windbags?

Evan actually did not provide a link to Stamps dot com, but I saw the URL on the stamp and visited the site. Hmmmm....

Seems this thing Evan invented, the Push Button Publishing 3 steps to success is really catching on all over the place. The fantastic Jot Spot free wiki creation site does it. And so does this Stamps dot com site.

3 Easy Steps rocks. If your services can be reduced to 3 easy steps for users, do it. Intuitively, it seems that 3 steps are about the limit for hurried web users. A commonly expressed rule of thumb for web usage is that users (ideally, whenever feasible) must be able to drill down to desired information in 3 clicks or less.

Odeo Podcasting uses:

Listen. Sync. Create.

Stamps dot com uses:

Click. Print. Mail.

Doesn't that look easy?

I had to laugh when I saw, on an otherwise pretty good site, the copy for a headline:

"Free $80 Offer"

Assumedly the work of a junior copywriter, no offense to whoever wrote it. Not everything I write is gold. Some of it is rusty iron rotting metallically in the slime of sentence slop.

This is a contradiction.

A better way to say it is:

"Free Offer--an $80 Value"


"Free Limited Time Offer--SAVE $80"

Anyway, here's some wording from their "Learn More" page:


What is is a service that allows you to print official United States Postal Service postage directly from your PC and printer. No special hardware is needed. Once your mail or package is ready to go, simply hand it to your mail carrier. It’s that easy!

How does work?

Think of it as a bank account for postage. The postage that you print will automatically be deducted from your account. You incur no surcharge on postage

What can I do with

Print stamps. Print shipping labels. Print directly on envelopes to create professional looking mail. Add insurance to protect your valuable items. Use free Delivery Confirmation™ on your Priority Mail®. Keep track of postage spent with client codes and easy reporting. You can do it all.

How does the No-Risk Trial work?

New customers are eligible for our 4 Week No-Risk Trial. Simply cancel before the trial period ends and you will not be charged. If you like the service, do nothing and your account continues automatically.

What do I get for trying the service?

Your account automatically starts with $5 free postage and a free Supplies Kit ($5 Value).

After your trial period, you will receive additional postage coupons ($20 Value), plus a free digital scale ($50 Value) – a total value worth $80!


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka The Contemplative Garden Hoe

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