Saturday, July 23, 2005

Comment Spam and Idiot Bloggers

Comment spam and idiot bloggers are a perfect match, they deserve each other.

What is comment spam?

How can it be spotted?

Why is it dangerous and detrimental to web users?


Comment spam, in a nutshell, is blog comment that is:

(1) irrelevant, insincere, inept

(2) sometimes pretending to be On Topic ("Nice site. I read almost the whole post. Will return to read more.")

(3) providing and promoting URLs of dubious, immoral, or dangerous web sites

(4) opportunistically taking advantage of the comment forum to trick blog readers into visiting sites that are deceptive, unethical, and may attach spyware, Trojans, worms, or viruses to your computer and your organization's network

(5) using the comment forum to post URLs to boost the search engine link popularity rankings of a dubious or detrimental site

(6) making your blog look lazy, amateur, or even working with the spammers to harm or deceive unsophisticated users, especially those new to the internet

How To Detect Comment Spam

I can spot and delete all comment spam at my blogs, which is exceedingly rare, very quickly and easily, thanks to Blogger and Gmail.

The instant a comment is posted, Blogger wisely enables me to receive an email that arrives in my inbox, as though the blog comment was an actual email message. Then, when I open that notification message, there's a link at the bottom that takes me directly to the exact post the comment was published on. Zap! It's deleted.

If you have a "Recent Comments" section in your sidebar, the task is even simpler.

Detecting and deleting comment spam is not difficult or time-consuming in most cases.

But if it is, then you need to use more sophisticated devices, like site registration, comment moderation with delayed posting, or captchas.

Here's a business blog's "Recent Comments" sidebar section.

Anyone can easily see which comments are legitimate and which are spam, simply by the "name" of the commenter. This is not rocket science.


Recent Comments

* steven streight aka vaspers the grate on Corporate Blog Tip #6 (add comments)

* zhang heng on Corporate Blog Tip #6 (add comments)

* steven streight aka vaspers the grate on Chapter 11-Doing it Right

* steven streight aka vaspers the grate on Chapter 11-Doing it Right

* russian brides and russian women on Corporate Blog Tip #6 (add comments)

* shel Israel on Chapter 11-Doing it Right

* steven streight aka vaspers the grate on Chapter 11-Doing it Right

* offshore pills on Russell says taking down posts doesn't work

* shel Israel on Chapter 11-Doing it Right

* steven streight aka vaspers the grate on Chapter 11-Doing it Right


Golly. I wonder which comments are spam?

Maybe those left by "offshore pills", "russian brides and russian women", and "zhang heng"?

Notice that on blogs that post material on "Comments" or "Comment Spam", it is often those posts that get hit with comment spam. Some sort of retaliation or mockery by the spammers.

Only a flaming idiot will let comment or trackback spam sit in their blog.

It looks stupid and it endangers both individual web users and the networks they may be connected to.

Wise up, bloggers.

The "Spam Friendly, User Hostile" list of idiot blogs may be coming soon.

I've reached the boiling point on this issue.

Look out lazy freaking blogger wankers, who demonstrate total lack of concern for users.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



MARYBETH said...

My steven,
you are on a tear this week!
I do not thin I haave ever had the comment spam...have I ???

steven edward streight said...

I'll poke around your blog and see if I spot any comment spam.

Like I explain in my post, it's easy to identify it.

It can be deposited by humans, or by spambots.

Spambots don't even sound human, i.e., relevant and sincere.

Go read some comment spam at a spam paradise site (I've hinted at which ones they are): lots of business blogs have this diseased growth.

Often, you'll read one dumb sounding sentence, followed by one, several, or a long list of URLS for various sex, pharmaceutical, gambling, casinos, loans, software sites.