Sunday, July 17, 2005

chelsea blogging

Chelsea blogging.

What is it?

It's blogging about the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. The cheesy camp cool art hotel where famous avant gard and modernist painters, punk bands, folk musicians, film makers, actors, poets, and other philosophical aesthetic types have lived.

Stanley Kubrick wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey while living in the Chelsea Hotel, for example.

Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Andy Warhol, Sid Vicious, Leonard Cohen, Nico, that kind of clientele, from seedy to sublime, from junkie to genius.

I stayed there once, back around 1988, when I lived in New York City. I always wanted my band, Camouflage Danse, to spend a few days there, and record a video and an album there, "live at Chelsea Hotel", but it never happened.

It could almost be, this "chelsea blogging", a new buzz word, a neologism that refers to "blogging about your neighborhood, in the manner of the original Chelsea NYC bloggers.

Chelsea blogging comprises a variety of blogs.

Here are some blogs either about Chelsea, or blogs by individuals who live in Chelsea.:

Pop Stand


Curbed Chelsea


Avenue F

Blog Chelsea



Hotel Chelsea Blog

Look at "Chelsea Hotel Fashion Victim" post at Hotel Chelsea Blog, authored by Michael Barnes.

Here's an excerpt...


What is Chelsea Hotel style?

I conducted an informal survey in the elevator last night to see if I could discover any hot Chelsea Hotel style trends.

Chelsea Boys Prefer:

Pork Pie hats (a mistake for both tall and short men).
Anything that is paint splattered to prove bohemian street cred.
Pink Seersucker suits.

Chelsea Girls Prefer:

Vintage mumu's of the variety worn by Mrs. Roper on Three's Company.

The tourists favor jeans (not Levi or Wranger) with an artfully ripped Ramones tee shirt.

The 6th floor residents prefer Commes des Garcons.

The 8th floor sirens lean toward Narciso Rodriguez.

Last night, Chelsea Hotel style ran the gamut from bohemian cliche to high-end avant garde to total class.

The main thing that I learned about Hotel Chelsea style is that you can look like a left over from Club Land or an angle with clipped wings and nobody will bat an eye.


I assert that anyone can operate a blog.

A blog can be about anything. Even a neighborhood. Or an historic hotel.

I assert that even a local barbershop can have a blog.

Just think of the anecdotes and legends an older gentleman barber, with combs swimming in mysterious blue fluid and talcum powder brushes for your shirt collar for an unknown reason.

I could think easily of probably 100 different blogs I could start, only I won't.

It would be too hard and time-consuming to frequently update them with fresh posts.

Maybe that's what eternity could be:

everybody has 87 trillion blogs, you post lengthy comments on all the others' blogs and they all post comments on your blogs.

But would this be a heaven...or that other place?

Let's find out.

Everybody Blog Now.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



MARYBETH said...

Hellooooo Steven,
.If I had access to my blog I would have found crack of time to share my adventures in the cool, lush environment of central California; but, sadly my only hope in the hotel lobby was " standing line only" during my very brief ins and out of the hotel door in the Am and the PM.
I missed you much, as BEESEECH THEE to advise which wireless laptop to look at for purchase.
Also, very important question....

My Kodak picture program I used gives me these choices after I have fooled around with an image:
save picture at 100% and down from there...
as thumbnail
best for web

I have been choosing best for we, because well I want what is best for the web; however, with all the inherent contraindications in the WWW and blogosphere I am not sure if my choice is showing my pictures at their best??????

Please advise I am posting as I type.


steven edward streight said...

I don't know much about digital cameras. In fact, I know almost, not quite, but almost, nothing.

I have no recommendation on a wireless laptop.

Check some user review site, where actual consumers rant or rave about products, like Epinions,, or perhaps Consumer Reports.

My digital art images for posts are around 150 KB, created in JASC Paint Shop Pro as psp files, then JPEG optimized as jpeg files, about 10 inches W by 7 inches H.

Yes, best for web, web image optimized is correct.