Saturday, July 23, 2005

Business blogs are dead

Business blogs are dead.

Business bloggers are quiting, turning off comments, or "taking a break" (never to return to blogging).

Why are these blogs dying or already deceased?

Because they're...

(1) Boring and non-innovative.

(2) Unbusinesslike and amateurish.

(3) Full of comment/trackback spam.

(4) Mostly text, no interesting images.

(5) All linking to the same crap.

(6) Filled with tangents, trivia, tripe.

(7) Setting a poor example for non-blogging businesses.

(8) Not providing rich, relevant, unique content.

(9) Disconnected from the core values of blogging.

(10) Trying to use blogs for commercial hype purposes.

(11) Not provocative, combative, or aggressive enough.

(12) Too cliquey to sense what's going wrong.

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Steve said...

I am sure that this posting was deliberately provocative, but I cannot but help "rise to the bait", and challenge you on a couple of points.
Firstly business bloggs almost by their nature are likely to be "boring" to a large section
of the community that is not interested in the often "specialist" subject matter. I would add that this is true of 99% of all Blogs whether business oriented or not. The inclusion
of images is contextual, my own site being concerned with steel, would benefit little from the inclusion of images. Furthermore images are fine if they add anything to the discussion, but when used as window dressing, they are a waste of bandwidth.
As for "setting an example" for the non-blogging business, I fail to see that as a role they should be expected to undertake, nor do I think they have any duty to be "connected to the core values of blogging", whatever that means. Who sets these values anyway?

Why would you think it inappropriate to use their blogs for commercial purposes? They are business blogs and concerned with business, surely commercial concerns are therefore entirely relevant if not even a primary function. It's also risky for a small business blog to be provocative or combative, alienating your customer or potential customer base is not commercially that clever.

Many of your other points are highly relevant to blogging, but apply more to a specific section of the business blogging world, i.e. those who's blogs are about business blogging. There does seem to be within some of their postings masses of comment and trackback spam. Furthermore I agree with the cliquey nature of the "top tier" business spammers who constantly link to each other in a clear attempt to maintain the existing hierarchy.
An interesting post, and I will certainly pop back to read more of your missives

steven edward streight said...

THank you for your astute and well written comment. You have done a great job of analysis, and I am now forced, in a nice way, to clarify a few things.

You have greatly enhanced the content of this blog and I am very appreciative. Few people take the time and trouble to post such intelligent comments.

Rather than debate each point you raise, here in a comment thread, I will write another post answering you point by point. We'll both be a little smarter as a result.

Your comment here is a good example of why I argue endlessly and aggressively for enabling comments on blogs.

Let me just say this here:

I'm a former advertising writer and copy director. I have worked closely with art departments in producing corporate material. An absolute law in advertising is to show photos or illustrations to generate interest and to bolster the text, reinforce ideas, clarify, help customers to visualize.

I'll bet you could have some astonishing images in your blogs or web sites, as I'm sure you include them in brochures, catalogs, other material.

Yes, set an example. Everything we do and say, as business people, must set an example for others, especially the younger generations.

And yes: I am refering primarily to business consultant, marketing pundit blogs when I say "business blogs".

More later. Much more.

Thanks for bravely entering into this debate.


Steve said...

Thank you for responding, I look forward to your further comments.