Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogs are not a fad

Blogs are not a fad.

The blog began in 1992, Tim Berners-Lee's "What's New" page.

That was 13 years ago people.

The ignorant, sensationalistic, corrupt forces of the MSM are trying to distort everything once again.

Now we're hearing that "blogging has peaked."

We're having "the blog fad is dead" shoved down our throats.

The mainstream media sees tech developments as "fads" and "crazes".

They have to Harry frigging Potterize everything that comes along.

It has to be a "frenzy" or an "explosion" or a "fever"....else it does not hit their antiquated biased radar screen.

Even burned out bloggers are saying "blogs are dead".

No, but their blogging days are over because they can't hack it anymore.

Abandoned blogs? That has been going on for many years. Not news.

Bloggers are worried and asking "has the trend reached its limit?"

"Are we now in the downward spiral of diminishing interest?"

"Is it too late to start a blog?"

"Will my blog get lost in the blogosphere, overwhelmed by all the popular blogs that already exist?"

It reminds me of disgruntled guys who say all the good ones are already taken, meaning why date, since all the good pretty women are already married.

Ever since the Beatles, REM, Madonna, and R. Kelly stormed the music industry, what's the point of starting a band?

The Bible is still the best selling book of all time, so why bother to write a novel?

All this whining and whimpering is hilarious.

Or would be if it wasn't so brain dead.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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