Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Blogroll vs RSS Reader

Evan Williams seems to be more on my side than Robert Scoble's when it comes to RSS.

RSS is a troubled technology with vague benefits, as far as I can tell.

I see the potential, the new channel, the monitoring of multiple blogs, except: I don't have 400 blogs to monitor for content updates.

More like 12.

I probably check about 12 blogs daily, like The Red Couch, Evhead, Dvorak Uncensored, Om Namaste, Seth's Blog, Tom Peters!, maybe a few others, depending on my mood.

I like a lot of blogs, and check them weekly.

I like the blogs listed on my blogroll.

I need to go through my blogrolls on my blogs and clean house. Get rid of the ones I never go to, and add those new ones I've discovered. I'm far too slow at this blogroll maintenance, I'll admit.

Now this, from Evan Williams an Olympian Figure of the Blogosphere he helped create. Yes, Evan Williams practically, along with Dave Winer, Tim Berners-Lee, Jorn Barger, Rebecca Blood, Joel Spolsky, and some others, gave birth to the Blogosphere.

Without Evan, Meg, and the others at Blogger, the blogosphere would be very reduced and less variety. The ease of creating and maintaining a Blogger blog is a revolutionary event. It's what got me started, so I feel eternally indebted to Evan and his crew.


Blogrolls are the new feedreaders

A VC: Feed Thinking: "What I do these days, I told him, is use the blogroll on the right hand column to read the blogs I like. I go down that list every day. When I find myself skipping a blog on the list frequently, I take it off."


My position since day one.

I deleted my "Against RSS" post at Vaspers the Grate. I've only deleted two posts on that blog. Post deleting is frowned upon, causes link rot, URLs that generate Not Found error messages.

But I remain unconvinced of the miracle of RSS.

I don't deny the potential, I just don't think it's been integrated correctly.

Invisible RSS is the coming thing, in my fractured opinion.

Stayed tuned to Robert Scoble and Lockergnome to follow the progress of RSS/Atom, site syndication, news aggregators.

I use a blogroll to visit the sites I want to keep current on, and those sites I check now and then.

I wish I could visit 100 sites a day, mostly for amusement, curiosity, or good writing skills. But I can't.

Yet RSS presents no perfect solution at present.

I remain optimistic about the future of RSS, but cynical about its current state.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


P.S. A friend of my brother, my brother tells me, visited I guess Vaspers the Grate, and she said she couldn't make heads or tails out of it. "What's a blog?" she asked.

You mean even when at a world class blog like Vaspers the Grate, people still can't figure out what a blog is?

It's an interactive, usability-enhanced, frequently updated, conversational mini-web site. That's all. What's so darned mysterious about it?

I know.

It's the word itself.

People are turned off, repulsed, spaced out, by the word "blawwwwwwggggg". Rhymes with "ugh" or "bug" or "fog".


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