Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blog Pioneer: John C. Dvorak uncensored

John C. Dvorak is one of the original blog big-bad-mouthers. Not a jerk business drivel blogger, nor a safety-spinner in short pants.

He's a media gadfly, a pain in the neck to maladjusted adjuncts.

His blog, Dvorak Uncensored is a goad, a grate, a grilled sneeze sandwich that's begging for a beating.

He posts anything he feels like posting. He seems to care little for any political party or religion. That puts him out in the cold fringes where the outcasts collide.

Controversial. Confrontational. Combative.

Dvorak is Extreme Sport Blogging. This is why I post comments on his blog quite frequently.

I like associating with other blogs that tell it like it seems to the blogger to be, and maybe is. I like bloggers who flip off anybody or anything they feel like flipping off.

Plus he's one of the rare bloggers (shame on the blogosphere!) who uses bizarre photo and art images in every single post. The images alone are almost worth a lot more than the non-existent price of admission, only less so increasingly.

{Above: a typical antagonistic postpunk image at Dvorak Uncensored, showing Tom Cruise apparently shooting some kind of death ray lightning from his eyes at Oprah Winfrey, seemingly intended to remove her existence from the daytime television program cue.}

[QUOTE from Dvorak Uncensored]]

The Blog Rationale

This weblog is designed to be a moderated open blog forum for interesting posts and observations by my readers.

This is not the forum on which to publish comments about the current online column in PC Magazine. Please keep those posts on the PC Magazine forum where I get paid. This is for everything else including suggestions for future columns.

Please join and take part. You may post original comments in the main blog. Make them short and to the point with a link.

If you want to respond to a post use the "comments" link for that.

There is no copy editor so send all typo notifications to john [at] dvorak [dot] org and they will be fixed.

The blog will eventually contain a complete archive of columns no longer available in print or online including columns from the DEC Professional, Microtimes, Computer Currents, MacUser and other magazines that have disappeared over time.

It will probably take two or three years to adequately repost some of this material.

The blog will also make frank observations on current events and contain a lot of general complaining while discussing certain current writing projects.

The blog will be updated daily during the week and on weekends when necessary. Suggestions for other public uses of the blog are welcome. This will include postings of public policy statements and archiving other documents. Papers and articles not suitable for commercial publication may be posted here too.


[Another Thothic image posted at Dvorak Uncensored, which pretty much symbolizes what you can expect at the blog. Extreme Sport Blogging par excellance. REcommended.]

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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