Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blog as a Word

"Blog" as a word is not too great.

How could anyone enjoy saying it,

and saying it often, like in a

lecture or seminar or interview?

but I get bored or tired

when people suggest we

change "blog" to some other word.

I sometimes like how ugly it sounds.

Just don't tell anyone:

"I'm blogging [you, the convention,

my girlfriend, a conference, or anything.]"

That sounds very filthy and crude.

Why must we speak of it at all?

Can't we just be content and

productive writing and linking?

Why speak of the Unspoken, the Blog,

the Silent Sentry of Web Revolution?

"You do WHAT? What was that word you used? A what?!?"

When someone asks you what you do.

Don't say "I'm a blogger"...

you might get a punch in the nose.

Some may consider such a thick,

obnoxiously vulgar-sounding word

to be an insult or a dirty reply.

I hate it when I have to reply--

"Me? Er, uh, well you know computers?

And how they like to connect with each other?

All over the world and into outer space?

Well, now people are imitating the computers and linking to each other.

Linking and communicating and sharing

in multiple ways:

audio, textual, video, photos,
music, films,

all on one messy weave.

That's what I do and help others to do.

I make and improve web sites and blogs.

Mostly improve.

Huh? Oh.

Blog? I dunno.

I just work on them.

You'll have to look it up

in an online dictionary."

That word "blog" comes out like vocal vomit.


Caveman sound.


Too Animalistic,
as the Angry Samoans
punk band sang.

So bloggy.

Unblog...and Not "Blog"

Now that I've taken a few minutes to

commit the ulimate deconstructive act

upon the blog itself,

dissolving its

elements to then

lackadaisically invent

the real and genuine Unblog,

serendiptitiously causing it to appear,

and not just yet another blog

calling itself not a blog, but

an authentic non-blog

created with blogging software

of Blogger... it's time to
deconstruct the word
"blog" itself.

When people ask what I do,

I try not to mention "blogs"

but stick to saying as much

as possible: web sites.

Say "web sites" and people

think they know what you mean,

so no complicated, elongated

lecture is required.

I make web sites, I have

somewhere around 9 sites,

a few that are updated daily

or even more frequently,

depending on how much coffee

I've had to drink,

or how much

gardening work

needs to be done.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

+ = -


carrie said...

like the more gardening work that needs to be done the more you blog?

no, actually, horticulture can be quite therapeutic.

steven edward streight said...

The structural logic of that last statement would lead one to believe that the (1) more coffee and the (2) more gardening work...both lead to (3) more blog writing and amending.

Very sharp observation once again.

I like working with the Harmonizer.

I feel sorry for the birds with all their flu problems lately.

The birds, my flying musician friends, I toss bread crumbs into the garden, amidst all the glittering rocks and logs hauled up from the woods to make it rustic looking, the bread feeds the birds, who perch on the twinkling quartz and the mossy logs, they love to hunt for the bread, under leafy greenery, and they eat all the plant eating bugs.

My garden is about 98.7% bug damage free, thanks to the birds.

They fertilize, patrol, and police the garden for me.

The bread usually contains millet, seeds, and nuts.

We have hummingbirds, crows, sparrows, cardinals, last year even a blue jay, finches (rarely), grackaws, budgie type birds, I don't know them all by name yet.

Every morning, from about 8 am to noon, somewhere around that time frame, I work in the garden.

Then go to the computer until maybe 4 am the next day.

Ery veird shed-jewel.