Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bizarre Blog Experimentation

Who has the nerve to conduct bizarre blog experimentation?

Hello? Anyone home?

Okay, I know you're probably thinking: "You do".

But do you say that just because that's what you think I want to hear?


Do you know what that word means?

Well, a sycophant (rhymes with "elephant") is a servile flatterer, a toady, or "toadeater". A toadeater is a "quack doctor's assistant who pretends to eat a toad to show the efficacy of bogus medicines".

Aren't you glad to know two new words, sycophant and toady?

Now, let's say you're sincere, you really believe I can perform totally astonishing deconstructions of the blog, as for example: Jejune Jumpers.

You're right. I can do it. I will do it. Again.

The Blogger dashboard controls say that I can have up to 999 posts on the main index page of a blog.

What if I went ahead and posted 999 posts of nothing but digital art work? And the art work was created with certain filters and geometric configurations that produced pulsating illusions of cross scrolling motion, explosive reverberations that made you dizzy and disoriented in a pleasant, but counter-productive manner?

Again, how long could a digital artwork be? Instead of 999 posts, what if I posted one digital image that was, say 6 inches wide and 4,000 inches long? So you scrolled forever to see the whole thing?

Don't laugh derisively or shrug your shoulders dismissively.

I seriously wish to attempt some radically unusual blogs that completely rip free from all normalized expectations. Just to see what happens.

You know me. I'm not a people pleaser, nor an approval seeker (though when it comes to web sites, I do care greatly about usability and user satisfaction). But I don't care who might or might not be interested in such blog-mangling productions. It's enough for me that I care about these oddities.

Why? What's the point? Who would waste time doing this, and what is the goal or benefit?

Sorry. That's not for you to know at this time. My secret.

When I complete any of these, and other, more extreme creations, I'll tell you about them, and give you the URLs here at this blog.

Stay tuned.

If all goes well, it's going to get weirder than your wildest dreams.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


carrie said...

loo king fwd tuit.

steven edward streight said...

Nice flowers. Are those for me? Can I also have the wasps hovering around them?

U cd dt 2 U no. Y dnt U? Pls?

MARYBETH said...


I forgot to mention how lovely you are carrie =)

Heres to the next SS creation!!

We could sure use some wasps out here in the desert, to keep the vinagrue population down, but no such luck. Its just too dam dry out here for those carnivores.

N a m a s t e,

carrie said...

well, thankya MB.

there are no wasps. steven is hallucinating or making a joke, methinks.

you want me to do something, steven?
conduct a bizarre blog experiment?

i'll think aboot it.

steven edward streight said...

y do I c t avatar on t Post a Comment On functionality, but not when I simply select t read comments functionality?

So no one knows wt I'm talking about wn I say "t flrs".

Or "t wsps".

Know this: I once read about a band called The Sixths who made a CD album called "Wasps' Nest".

In the interview in some alt rock mag, the lead singer said they deliberately chose the album title, so it would be difficult for a customer to request it in the record store.

He Said:

"Imagine someone going up to the record store clerk and saying:-

'Do you have The Sixths' "Wasp's Nest"'?

MARYBETH said...

Oh silly solacious Steven, =)

"The Sixths' "Wasp's Nest"'?"

That made me think of the first Chapter of

Me Talk Pretty Some Day
by David Sedaris

Oh A must read ! even for a "tired but not sleepy"
Beautician of the BLogosphere!

Even for a Wasp

N a m a s te =)