Monday, July 11, 2005

Anita Patterson brings beauty to blogosphere

Anita Patterson is a photo artist who has contributed many photos to my blog, by making them available for FREE. She also has photos for sale.

For her photos, please visit:

Anita Patterson photo collection

If you like her photos, check out her stock photos available online for royalty free use.

Shutterstock-Anita Patterson: Online stock photo gallery with over 100,000 photos available for download-pay a monthly fee for all-you-can-download photos.

Istock: Online stock photos available for low-cost downloads:

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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carrie said...

she sure is pretttyyyy

steven edward streight said...

Title of this file, and I assume of the photo itself: "face outdoors".

Now that is my kind of titling, so deconstructive, minimalistic, overflowing with grim simple directness, evocative, cryptic.

Which face? Isn't the face of the photographer present somewhere? A double face, an about face, a face about which we know plenty of nothing.

Obviously, or not, the face that is "outdoors" is not, cannot be the photographer.

Yet it is an expression of the photographer, subject choice, angle, lighting, proximity, shutter speed, ambient dissonance, focus, background factor (blurred or unblurred), and camera position. (I prefer photos taken from God's point of view, ie, from above).

See Cahilus photo, also from Morgue File, in my "Why Not Blog?" sidebar badge, hovering over the credible info practicses text.

So I like posting beauty, buttressed with art, and shining in pale glamour from siloed greenery.