Saturday, July 23, 2005

13.3 million blogs

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July 14, 2005

Scaling, performance, and plain old bug fixing

David Sifry
Founder & CEO, Technorati


Technorati is now tracking over 13.3 Million blogs, and 1.3 billion links. We are seeing over 900,000 posts per day on average, which means we're adding about 10 posts per second.

We’re also seeing about 80,000 new weblogs created each day. That’s more weblogs created each day than there were total when I started the service in November 2002.

And our search traffic has increased by over 40% month on month for each of the last 4 months.

The day of the london bombings we saw over 1.2 Million posts, and had an additional 30% increase in traffic as people turned to weblogs, moblogs, and other citizen’s media for instant updates on events in London, survivor accounts, and sharing of deep feelings on the tragedy.


And some businesses still adopt a cowardly "wait and see" attitude.

And some continue to ask "when will blogs be mainstream?"

Blogs are the biggest communications revolution since the printing press, and many analysts are saying it goes far beyond even that Gutenberg innovation.

Blogs: the first global, universal publishing system in history.

Not everyone can own a printing press, radio tower, or television station.

But anyone who can type, read, access an internet connected computer, and get on the web can have a blog.

Be happy.

We're the winners. Bloggers are taking over the media, especially since the tragic London bombings. Citizen Journalism is skyrocketing now.

The future is here. Welcome to it.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



MARYBETH said...

I am surprised and amazed. I had no idea there are so many!

N a m a s t e,

steven edward streight said...

Just realize that as many as 50% or more (or less) are not real blogs, or are abandoned blogs.

There is a raging controversy over how many of these English language blogs are actual true, frequently updated, active blogs.

There are people who write code to create phony blogs, just to use them to link to a dubious web site or blog, to increase link popularity and search results.

Like: I could create maybe 50 to 100 blogs every day, with Blogger, for free, and have all of them blogroll Vaspers the Grate.

I could create automatic programs that even posted content to the blogs, content pointing to, mentioning Vaspers the Grate.

Now, the search engines supposedly weed out these "link farm" blogs.

The blog trackers like Technorati, Blogstreet, Blogdex, Daypop, etc. are supposedly not including such blogs, or other "pseudo blogs".

But still, this 13.3 million is probably a fairly good number to consider close to reality.

And that is just English language, I think. Some trackers estimate another 15 million or so Non-English blogs, especially blogs of S. Korea and India. Then there's Chinese blogs too.

Blogging is really a global mainstream phenomenon and has been.

But the elite "MSM" mainstream media is often offended at the growth and influence of blogs, so they keep saying "when will blogs be mainstream?" when they already are, especially with younger folks.