Thursday, June 02, 2005

Your Blog Will Be Your Cyber Car

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People are yanking my chain and asking me what I think the future of blogs will be.

Right here and now, I'll blurt out just a tiny glimpse of one morsel of my vision for Personal Blogs.


I intuitively sense that, as Jorn Barger and others say, everyone will have a blog, like basically everyone has a telephone to communicate. And everyone has a car (hopefully NOT an SUV gas guzzler Arab oil-a-holic vehicle) for transportation.

We'll climb into our blogs like we climb into our cars.

Everything will be in the blog. Feeds and email inboxes and everything will appear in your blog. Your blog will become more and more of your life. Like a car is to many people.

You'll "polish" it (improve wording of links, post text, tagline, sidebar subheads) and give it "tune-ups" (template fiddling and fidgeting) and new "tires" ( text links, blogrolls, link buttons). You'll give it a fresh coat of "paint" (colors).

We'll personalize our blogs with link "badges" or buttons (see my Firefox, Feedburner, 49 Media, BlogMap, etc. link badges here), which is like bumper stickers on a car.

Blogging software is like the engine.

Let's see, how can I run this wobbly metaphor into the ground? Almost accomplished.

But everybody will jump into their blog and then seemingly go everywhere else from there. And return to it to check stats counters, "people currently online at your blog" widgets, other meta-blog data.

The personal blog will be an extension of the self, like your automobile may be now.

But your blog will be more like a clone of you, more friendly than a car.

Your blog will be a Surrogate Self.

Your blog will be your Ethereal Mystical Representative.

The line between spiritual and electronic will vanish. Poof!

When visitors arrive at your blog, they'll be greeted by name, see your face contort into sneers and grimaces if the visitor is a nemesis (like I am to rich...! at Hello World).

Their preferences will adjust the presentation to their browser, they'll be able to interact with the author in real time, or via pre-made, customized, cookie-enabled video and audio updates.

Your blog will also octopus. But that's another metaphor and another post.

That's it. You'll get loads more in my podcast, which may occur tomorrow, with 49 Media.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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SatishTalim said...

You have Feedroll and also a plain list of Links on your site - why? In fact, I was looking at Blogrolling but can't decide. It's a pain to edit the template in Blogger to add links. What's your opinion?

steven edward streight said...

Feedroll is a service that enables you to display updated post titles from your choice of about 20 sites, like Boing Boing, Slashdot, Wired, various news media sites.

I chose Lockergnome because I want to learn more about RSS and this site has good reputation.

I thought both I and my readers might gain insight from Lockergnome, and RSS is so important, I wanted to list their individual post titles, not just add Lockergnome to blog roll.

"Lockergnome", readers might think, "what's that? I'm too busy to find out. Must move on."

I don't mind going into my template to add URLs for my own self-created blogroll.

Just add blog roll sites slowly, be sure you find them consistently valuable, credible, worthy of blogrolling.

I was going to use the Blogrolling service, but something prevented me. I can't recall now. Maybe I didn't like...nuts, can't quite remember now.

I am now, right now, in the process of adding "badges", those little graphic images of "Friend of Israel" and "Democracy in Iran" that are not graphic button links, but simply small visual artistic statements of support.

I am not political as far as partisan, but I champion democracy, freedom of worship, independent thinking, and ethical anarchy type liberty from exploitation, mind control, and legalistic bigotry.

I want to add a Buddhist and Christian badge, and a nice Hindu/Yoga-Patanjali badge (if I can find them) to show my support for metaphysical seeking of Truth and The Good.

I am Christian, I love Buddha, and I study Yoga. Those are my main three influences spiritually, plus Socrates/Plato and Jaxques Derrida the deconstruction philospher.

I want to show support for all these, if I can find badges, if not, I will create my own artwork, perhaps tonight.

Did I stray Off Topic? Sorry.


Satish, I enjoy how we both are seeking to massively improve our blogs, we are partners together in learning, and we will sharpen each other.

Thank you dear friend.

Know any good badges?

Sorcha said...

you are smart, and i like that in a blog.

steven edward streight said...

Thank you my Canadian friend.

It takes one to know one. LOL

I do indeed hope you meet your Highlander, who will be truly from a Higher Land, an Exalted and Noteworthy Plane, a Realm of Real Joy and Tranquility, whose Kingdom is Not of This World.


Paul Woodhouse said...

I honestly think it'll be infinitely more integrated than that. Blogs are just a stepping stone.

The internet will become our new collective consciousness with memory deficiencies.

Wait for internet 2 and see what happens when virtual reality works.

In twenty years blogging will be looked back on as some quaint little activity a few people did whilst we all waited for the internet to catch up with itself.

If we're going to store a collective consciousness, we also need better options than paid shared hosting. Books don't die just because the author does.

Blogs don't offer us cock extensions , but brain & soul extensions. An evolution of the human condition.

It's all about the philosophy behind the tool as opposed to the tool itself.

I apologise, but I haven't woken up yet.

steven edward streight said...

Paul, yes, "blog as cyber car" is only a short-range projection, mostly written for the young people to chortle over.

Like I've said elsewhere, it's the advent of the Humachine. There will be separation of Mind and Matter, of Thought and Wires, of Self and System.

With glogs (cyborg logs, assistive psycho-geographic devices, which Auburn University is heavily into) and embedded processors in our bathtubs, with GPS chips in panties and condoms so we can keep track of our lovers and spouses (this is a JOKE, but true according to Dvorak Uncensored blog), etc.....

...eventually machines will get rid of their two biggest enemies: people, who dominate and exploit, and water, which is corrosive. (Thanks to Gary Rutledge for this revelation.)

In the evolution of the universe, first came Thought, then Matter, the Life, then Moving Creatures, then Humans, then Machines, then Computers, and next will be pure pulsations of energy wavelets unbound and unmanaged, full circle, back to the beginning, back to God who spawned it All.

If God fell asleep, or suffered a lapse in memory, none of which will or can ever occur, the whole Multiverse/Universe would disappear.

Like the Buddhists say: Everything and Nothing are Equal to Each Other.

Nothing has permanence or a self-originating core or essence.

Cool, huh?


steven edward streight said...


Me need mo' co'ff'ee.

I meant to say, or actually WRITE, "there will be NO separation" of man and machine, of thought and wires, etc.

Sorry tamale.