Thursday, June 23, 2005

Without a Blog, You're a Caveman

without a blog, you're a caveman

Without a blog, you're a caveman.

Carvings, moldings, rot.

Cowering in the darkness of

fear of transparency,

loathing of authenticity,

mocking of integrity.

The Global Conversation

is taking place in blogs.

Also in other internet

and offline venues,

but chiefly in blogs.

Understand By Doing

Best way to "understand" what a blog is,

how you can use one successfully,

what the blogosphere is,

what comments are all about,

you must start your own blog.

You cannot grasp the blog

outside the blog.

Blogging must be experienced.

Only a blogger understands blogs,

and even then, in a partial, but

hopefully increasing manner.

And it could be one obscure

little blog, in the middle of

nowhere blogospherically,

that contains:

your sought-for solution

your needed insight

your substantiating facts

your opportunity to see anew

and you are so unfamiliar

with what a blog is

what a blog can be

what a blog will be

you miss it.

Blog is Beyond the Book

Casual authors write print material, such as books.

Dedicated authors now write blogs, daily postings ("chapters", "volumes", and even "articles" are words that don't fit in the blogosphere), daily challenges to the author's imagination and expertise, daily work, daily discipline.

A blog is an intensely personal, or personalized professional, work in progress, a chapter a day, an eternalized book, stretching out, like consciousness, forever: thus the Blog is Beyond the Book.



marianne richmond said...

So TRUE.....and those who don't get this for some reason remind me of this Mark Twain quote and made me think what a fascinating blogger he would have been!

"When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything happens ten years later there." -- Mark Twain

steven edward streight said...

Thanks for the comment Marianne. Old Mark Twain is all over my blogs lately, people quoting him, me listing him as a major influence.

My favorite Mark Twain story is the "Autobiography of Adam and Eve" I think is the title, which ends, after getting kicked out of Eden, Adam says:

"wherever Eve is, there is paradise"