Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Vaspers the Grate podcast with 49 Media

49 Media Podcast with Vaspers the Grate

FIRST EVER Podcast with Vaspers the Grate

(Podcast #3 for 49 Media)

Listen to my49 Media Podcast with VP Chris Ritke.


Look at left side of 49 Media page.

See that "here's a direct link to mp3" directly under the list of my blogs? Click-select it.

Then follow your normal download procedures. On dial-up, it took a long time to download, so there's your fair warning.

The interview is about 46 minutes long.

A fast-paced presentation of blog definitions, blog history, blog methodology, blogs and French deconstruction, Blog Wars of 2005, and the NASA Interplanetary Internet project.

(I'm a member of the Interplanetary Internet Special Interest Group. Ready to start Astral Blogging?)


A nice introduction to blogs for those who know little about them, and a deeper examination of blogospheric trends and realities for veteran bloggers.

A NEW Anti-Business Blog Theory

I vaguely mention my new theory that CEOs and businesses, aside from the exceptional ones, should stay away from the blogosphere.

I refer to those corporate executives who wish to use blogs for standard PR and product hyping purposes.

A blog is better used for starting two-way candid, open conversations with customers. Not for "business/marketing/PR as usual".

Arrogant egotism, uni-lateral mass message broadcasting, and hyper-commercial intentions are not wanted, nor respected, in the blogosphere.

Also explained is how I created some of my more popular posts, and how blogs can benefit greatly from systematic analysis.

Stay Tuned, Friends

You'll be reading a lot more on all these topics in the weeks ahead, at Vaspers the Grate and Blog Core Values.

Visit 49 Media for the best in media-blogs, meaning: blogs with audio, video, art, photos, etc.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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