Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Treat yourself to deeper blogology at Blog Core Values

This blog, Vaspers the Grate, looks at web sites, wikis, and blogs...from a web usability analyst point of view.

The subject of blogs, blogging, and the blogosphere is often called "blogology", the science and art of blogging.

My newer site, Blog Core Values, is devoted to deeper blogology issues. It focuses more on blog ethics, blog guidelines, and blog best practices.

There is some overlap, and sometimes a post will appear on both sites simultaneously (at the same time).

My Use of Definitions & My "Clumsy" Writing Style

You know why I define words and expressions in my posts?

You know why I often state things in a deliberately clumsy, simplistic manner?

I do this because:

I have readers who do not know English very well. Readers from non-English speaking countries. I do it for them.

And for Americans who flunked English courses in college. LOL (laughing out loud).

Back on topic now.

Here are just a few of the posts you'll find at

Blog Core Values.

"My Secret Blogging Practices Revealed"

"Blog Revolution"

"How to Convince a Client to Blog"

"Against Porn Blogging"

"How To Ruin a Blog"

"How To Compose Hypertext Links"

"Blogging Best Practices: 16 Tips"

"Blog Haters and Blogophobes"

"12 Ways a Blog Transforms You"

"7 Things That Happen When You Blog"

"Blog Content Writing"

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Think Outside the Box

"What Do You Mean by
9 Blog Core Values?

"Perfecting Your Blog:
5 Suggestions

"Blog Conversation:
Links vs. Comments

"Derrida and Blog Design"

"Reverse Journal Blogs"

"Is the Blogosphere Turning Wimpy?"

Secret Edit for Close Readers: Someday soon I'll explain more of my subtle and esoteric blogging practices like:

* why I "sign" every post

* why I use an "aka"

* why I use non-normal spacing in post text

* why I usually solicit user comments aggressively

* why I use sidebar separators

* why I promote one of my blogs on another of my blogs: cross-promotion

* why I almost always display the URL {web address starting with "http:(forward slash, forward slash)..."} of any hypertext link in a post

* why I use a new VTG logo in various spots in posts and on the blog design

* why I mention the Consumer Reports WebWatch Guidelines for Credible Online Information Practices

* why I often put the title of a post in the title field, in the accompanying artwork, in the art caption below the artwork, and in the first sentence of the post text

* why I display no photo of myself, though I highly recommend it to bloggers

* why I reveal very few private, intimately personal details in my blogs

* why I waited so long to start a wiki, and what I plan to use it for

* why I started adding "secret edits for close readers

STAY Blog Core Values for these deeper insights!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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