Thursday, June 16, 2005

Neo-blogging Tip 002: Media Blog

photo IMG_6154 by somadjinn aka Nick Ray

The New Super Blogs are media blogs.

Blogs will become jewel-encrusted.

We'll use blogs as info-tainment centers, recreation rooms, trophy panels, navigation launchpads, homes within a homepage, lanterns to spot-brighten dusty and cob-webby corners of our blogo-maniacal realm.

Media-enhancements will transform blogs into nightclubs, with readings from marginalia rather than music, but also music, and audio, and video, and assistive systems, and sporadic connectivity interplanetary data networks.

No longer is "all-text, all the time" a viable mode for blogging.

Blogs must at minimum contain visual-phonic accouterments.

The blog as the all-in-one web stop.

The blog as cyburbia, a way to get away from it all, while it all comes flowing to you.

Give your blog visitors more and more reasons to return.

Keep them guessing what could possibly come next, after all that.

Throw in some posts that are so strange and unexpected, your readers will have trouble believing they're in the right blog.

Make them think a guest blogger took over for a while, be unlike yourself, be something else, do something Other Than what you typically do. You'll keep readers' attention focused on the twists and turns, thus improving their powers of observation.

Make your blog an multi-faceted experience, and not just a journal, sales pitch, or textbook.

Do something that will shake up the blogospheric slumber.

Act and Be Awake.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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