Thursday, June 16, 2005

Neo-blogging Tip 001

"king kamehameha parade" photo by alex preiss [at] hawaii [dot] rr [dot] com

Neo-blogging is a set of highly evolved, unconventional blogging practices and techniques.

For Neo-blogging Tip 001, consider how to use a blog as a personal communication platform with the blog author, bypassing traditional, but problematic, vehicles like email.

Blog as Hyper-email Alternative Message Platform

A blog can be used as a Hyper-email Alternative Message Platform.

By posting a comment at a person's blog you can command their attention, if only briefly, better than a regular email which must pass successfully through spam and virus filters.

And the blog author encountering unknown senders in their email inbox...

...this represents a third strike against an email.

Many emails are deleted due to no recognition of sender, and no perceived intimacy in subject line, no proof of actual acquaintance with sender.

But a blog post comment stands a much greater chance of connecting with the blog author.

A blog post comment stands a better chance of being responded to, right there in the comment thread under the post, or via a visit to your blog, with a reciprocal comment post, or via an email.

Be sure to leave your URL and/or non-harvestable email address so the blogger can contact you.

Now...try contacting someone, via a blog comment, that you have had no luck reaching via email.

Then post a comment here, or email me, to let me know how it worked for you


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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Chris Ritke said...

You're an absolute genius! IT WORKS! Wow.

I've been waiting for this guy to get back to me via email for a week now. Nothing happened. I just posted a comment to his blog and cha-ching - 5 minutes later I get an email.


steven edward streight said...

The blog comment packs more punch than an email.

Once you arrive at his blog, you're on his turf. By posting a comment, you take a piece of his turf, and turn it into your turf.

Suddenly, something even more intimate and personal than his email inbox has your mark on it.

You've claimed a sector of his territory for your own purposes.

Bloggers generally read every comment, as long as each post isn't getting like 800 comments per day or something.

But many blogs receive an average of from 3 to 15 comments posted on recent posts (past 5) per day.

So it's not hard to read Every Comment.

Add another advantage to the comment post: it may show up both on the blog and in the email inbox.

If the blogger gets email notification of blog comments, there they are, taking a high priority, in the coveted email inbox.

It's easy to read the comment right out of the inbox, then click on the link provided to post a reply, if desired.

Welcome to the Neo-bloggers Society, Chris. You are now initiated into the first ring of power.

You, Chris, had to have written a provocative, praising, or attention-getting comment.

Sometimes a really valuable fact, link, intelligent observation, or a strong expression of agreement, like "I wish more bloggers would delete trackback and comment spam as diligently and quickly as you do."