Thursday, June 02, 2005

Interview Topics for My Upcoming Podcast

topics I'll discuss in upcoming podcast interview Posted by Hello

A VP at a blog directory web site that specializes only in blogs that incorporate media (art, photos, audio, video) has expressed an interest in interviewing me for a podcast.

I know. I wrote a post called "Why I'll Never Do a Podcast". I change my mind once in a while. Rarely, but it does happen.

Here's a list of topics the interviewer and I have tentatively developed.

Podcast Interview Topics

(1.) Focus of my blogs

(2.) My definition of "blog" & my blogospheric neologisms

(3.) My vision of the future of blogging

(4.) Business Week Blogspotting article on my "Blog Taglines Experiment #1" post

(5.) Blogo-combat and Blog Wars of 2005

(6.) Global Rebel Turmoil Blogging for Universal Democracy & Total Free Expression

(7.) Blogs I read & recommend

(8.) The Interplanetary Internet & Cosmo Blogging

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Let me know if this sounds like an interesting list of interview topics...or if it would bore you to beers and tears.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Heather Green said...

Howdy Steven,

So can't wait to hear the podcasts. Hope you're going to put a pointer on the site. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on the future of blogging.

Take care.

steven edward streight said...

Thank you, Heather, for coming all the way from Business Week Blogspotting blog to post a comment at my rag tag blog.

When I first heard that Business Week started a blog, I raced over to it to read, ponder, and post comments.

Blogging is almost infinitely more significant than any of us realize, including myself.

The future of blogging is bright...unless the FEC or others figure out a way to crucify it via licensing, regulation, registration, regimentation, like with radio, TV, telephone, etc.

Blogs are, from what I've researched and this is prolly right, the Fastest Spreading Technology in Human History.

Hmm. Nice title for a post.

Want it?


Paul Woodhouse said...

Why I'll never do a podcast, huh?

The answer was obviously quite simple:

Nobody had flaming asked you. ;-)

steven edward streight said...


Will you and your lovely wife please hurry up and move to Idaho, or Ohio, or Iowa, or whatever Midwest American location you plan to re-locate to... I can ride my bicycle over there and give you an early birthday present, give you a slopbucketing with special effects, i.e., kick your ass?


I DID receive a podcast interview request. From The Vision Thing.

I like The Vision Thing, they did a post on The Apostrophica Plague post of mine, but...

...I heard you complain about YOUR podcast experiences and that frightened me, I ran and hide under the bed in the basement, and my wife did'nt see or hear from me for weeks.

She was tired of blog rants anyway, so this respite was a vacation for her ears.

Hey Paul: bite me.


Paul Woodhouse said...

I shall be flying over next Thursday, Sir.

I can't wait to listen to your podcast.

I wasn't so much complaining as making an honest appraisal. There's a performance aspect attached to them which infringes upon your comfort zone in a way.

But, accepting that these things are conversations and that most verbal conversations are quite odd then the inherent flaws of the participants are obviously quite interesting.

It's just my excuse for 'winging it'.

steven edward streight said...

I did the podcast interview at around 12 noon today.

Will post a link to the audio file when it's available. Click on my 49 Media What's on the Web Tonight, Honey? link to periodically check its availability. Hope it got recorded nicely. Prolly did.

49 Media is bleeding edge, they are a directory and thumbnail displayer of ONLY media blogs, which all my blogs are.

i.e., not text-only.

Very good interview, I was groggy, my throat was parched like the Russion infantry had marched through with socks on their feet, and I was less than perfectly organized, just had a stack of print outs as emergency references.

But I treated the podcast interview like it was a post I was writing and publishing on my blog.

I just said what I would say in a post. I actually do talk similar to how I write. At least it seemed that way. That also says a lot about how professional Chris at 49 Media is. A delight to work with. Smart guy, that Chris. Really smart.

But I did mention: Doc Searls, Jorn Barger, Evan Williams, Paul Tinbasher, Seth Godin, Jakob Nielsen, Tim Berners-Lee, John C. Dvorak, Dave Winer, Business Week Blogspotting and Heather Green, Blog Wars of 2005, my Blogospheric Neologisms (newly coined words), sleazy sponsored link blogs, and the Commodity Internet vs. Internet 2 vs. Interplanetary Internet.

I even complimented President Bush when I said people mocked him for saying "the internets" (plural), but he was correct, there are many internets, only 3 of which I am aware of, and I'm not talking about intranets or extranets.