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Global Rebel Turmoil Blogging

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[NOTE: This is an identical version of a post published simultaneously at my Blog Core Values blog, but with a different title.]

I want you to please listen very closely.

I'm going to attempt to orient you to What's Really Happening.

Blogs are partly responsible for a lot of world events, but you may not be aware of the facts.

I don't care if you agree or disagree.

Praise or means nothing to me.

But just consider what I'm about to say.

Then do your own research and form your own opinion.

The world is rapidly entering a self-generated complex of profound, cataclysmic, bizarre newness. Completely and absolutely different from all the centuries of humanity's past.

The internet is symbolic of the new sense of connection that all peoples are beginning to feel toward each other, regardless of philosophy, gender, age, education, religion, politics, economics, ethnic traditions, race, and other formerly divisive distinctions.

The pre-2000 species of humanity will seem like cavemen and cavewomen compared with what the current and next generations will be.

The separation of human and machine will blur to irrelevance and eventual non-existence. Humans and machines will merge as minds and electronics are merging via the web.

Our space craft and telescopes continue to probe the deeper regions of space.

Our mystical and scientific evolution is proceeding at an astonishing, previously undreamt of rate.

Our social structures are collapsing and being replaced by virtual networks. People are interacting with systems and individuals, concepts and activities that were completely unknown and unknowable just a few years ago.

New words, new feelings, new ideas, new people are needed by The Future.

I have so much to try to convey quickly, let me just list some items for your consideration.

Global Rebel Turmoil

Consider these points:

(1.) The universe, with its contents, wants to be free.

(2.) Humanity is blazing the trails to universal freedom.

(3.) All tyranny, dictatorial behavior, and thought policing is coming to a grinding halt.

(4.) Power is being wrenched from the hands of CEOs, pastors, priests, parents, governments, corporations, teaching institutions, media, and militaries.

(5.) The First Popular Uprising of Global Humanity is occuring right before our dazed eyes.

(6.) I predict there will probably never again be such a dramatic and quantum leaping Universal Mental Revolution.

(7.) If the Revolt Against Power Controllers fails, humanity faces a grim enslavement to one world tyranny.

(8.) Everything's going wrong for the Powers That Pretend To Be.

(9.) People all over the world are no longer putting up with the social, metaphysical, economic, governmental, commercial deception or manipulation they've been force fed for millenia, thousands of years.

(10.) The Mind of the Universe, however you choose to define and follow, worship or analyze it, is in Total Rebellion against Exploitation, Fear, and Lies.

(11.) One of the primary focal points of this massive upheaval is the humble BLOG.

(12.) Merely by being a blogger, reading blogs, posting comments at blogs, interacting with other bloggers, and engaging in activist causes via blog collaborations and are helping humanity free itself from its voiceless, voteless, or involuntarily subservient past.

Heady thoughts these.

But what certain reactionary elements of the MSM (not all traditional media, I must stress this to avoid wild accusastions) is hiding from you is that bloggers are affecting Just About Everything.

Free Speech Blogging is destroying some of the root causes of, and supports for, rogue regimes, racism, sexism, spiritual hatreds, combative nationalism, customer serviceless business, one-way mass media broadcast exploitation, and artificial political divisions.

Blogs are destroying mental atrophy induced by passive absorbing of "entertainment" and "education".

Blogs are destroying the very fabric of repressive systems and monopolizing mind control.

Blogs are letting every human reach out to the global community, with nothing to sell, nothing to hate, and nothing to fear.

My friends, the Blog Revolution is going to directly or indirectly shake every single soul on earth.

Even the most frivolous, trivial, narcissistic personal blog is yet another blow against the invisible empire of exploitation.

Let the corrupt elements of the MSM, of abusive governments, and of past century stalwarts mock us.

Let them downplay what's going on.

It doesn't matter anymore. We are ascending to new heights, with new powers and opportunities.

People are connecting, communicating, and collaborating faster than misanthropic oppressors can keep up with or monitor.

From Dan Rather and Trent the Ukraine and Lebanon the democracy movements in Iran, China, and the the French and Dutch refusal to adopt the Euorpean Union's all rolling in beautifully.

Feel good at being a vital part
of the Greatest Revolution of Mankind.

It's so close, it's spooky.

We are winning and we shall ultimately triumph.

KEEP BLOGGING, brothers and sisters.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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