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A Frozen Blogosphere?

a frozen blogosphere?

Do you feel a chill?

Do bloggers seem to be obsessed with self and services to sell?

Is the blogosphere freezing to death?

Have we entered a Blogospheric Ice Age?

Are bloggers cold and uncaring, wanting to blabber about themselves and their opinions, with little to no concern for others?

CROSSROADS DISPATCHES: Spiritualized Business Blog

Evelyn Rodriguez, in one of the very few "business blogs" that tries to include a spiritual orientation, asks this question.

Read this little excerpt from "Compassion Based Action" in her blog Crossroads Dispatches...


I've been lamenting privately what feels like an icing over in the blogosphere.

Where is the purported authenticity?

However, when one doesn't look merely at the A-List, you are surrounded by beams of warmth and caring and realness that melts me and keeps me reading.


She elaborate in more detail on this topic in her post "Saved From Freezing".

Cause #1 of Blog Icing

I think the tendency to pour huge amounts of mundane drivel, personal trivia, and family details into a blog, especially a business or marketing blog...

...this is blogological suicide.

Too much private information, random experiences, confessional blabbering is the kiss of death to a blog.

Those readers who may be attracted to such nonsense are, I predict, readers who like gossip wherever they can find it. They're voyeurs, insatiable for the intimate details of other people's lives.

Excessive Personal Trivia is one of the major reasons for the "icing over" as Evelyn calls it, of the blogosphere. There are other contributing factors, but this is primary.

Included in this Excessive Self Focus is the lack of "reciprocal commenting".

When you post comments at lots of other blogs, but receive few comments in return, that's a sign that some bloggers are selfish, unappreciative, and unworthy of receiving any further user-generated content via comments.

Too busy to return the favor of comments?

But not too busy to write fresh, frequent posts for your blog?


Cold-hearted narcissism.

Cause #2 of Blog Icing

A secondary cause is greed.

Some bloggers want to make money from blogging. And they want it so bad, they neglect to show any interest in anyone outside of clients or potential clients.

Their blogs exist, not to freely distribute information, but to hype hype hype.

They see blogs as vending machines.

They see blogs as platforms for selling ad space to sponsor companies.

They drive traffic to their blogs, not to benefit visitors, but to make money.

I myself am repulsed by "vending machine blogs". I avoid them like the plague.

I don't mind some ads on blogs.

Nor do I condemn an occasional promotion of a valuable service or an interesting external commercial enterprise.

But a hype-mongering blog feels cold, alien, distant, disconnected.

How to Thaw, Unfreeze, De-ice the Blogosphere

Excessive Personal Trivia / Obsessive Self Focus


Excessive Commercial Hype

seem to indeed be "freezing" the blogosphere.

Let's warm it up with compassion to our readers, other bloggers, and the world as a whole.

Let's visit other blogs and post comments.

Let's show appreciation to the good-hearted, value-provider, richly informative bloggers.

You don't have to have a blog to enrich and enlighten the blogosphere. A simple encouraging email to a blog author, or a comment on a post can suffice.

Your feedback makes the blogosphere go round.

Go visit some other blog, find a post you really enjoy or disagree with, and post your opinion or gratitude as a comment.

Email a fried to turn them on to a good blog.

If you're a blogger, write a post about some other blog, some post you read that enlightened or benefited you in some way.

Apply the warmth of your individual personality and love to this cold and sluggish blogosphere.


Defend Blogs from Political Censorship

your feedback makes the blogosphere go round Posted by Hello

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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