Tuesday, June 07, 2005

David Koch missing: blogosphere unites to find him

[EDIT/UPDATE: David's body was found. He apparently fell from a cliff. At least the family and friends now have some closure and can stop worrying and settle into the grief process. Life is short. Live it well. Seek truth.]

If you love blogs and blogging.

If you care about people.

If you believe in the 9 core values of blogging.


You'll want to join us bloggers in spreading the word about a missing person

one David Koch,

a friend of an associate of MicroSoft's chief blogger,

Robert Scoble and co-blogger

business consultant blogger, Shel Israel.

Please follow these links to more information:

"David Koch Missing"

"To Bloggers..."

Take just a few moments to read the reports.

Post a similar article on your blog.

Pass the word.

Circulate the photo.

Pray or mentally focus on David being
safe, healthy, happy, FOUND by loved ones
or search parties.

Please help the blogosphere do good deeds.

This is Blog Core Values par excellance.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Tim said...


Reporting that he has been found.

steven edward streight said...


Thank you so very much for going to all that trouble to provide me a link to the sad story that David's body was found, apparently fell from a cliff.

How tragic. Probably a really cool guy and smart and oh this is why the world is a hell of sorrows in many respects.

Why must we or any creature die?

Everything inside us rebels against mortality, for eternity has been installed in our hearts, a longing for permanency and endless happiness.

Pray or mentally bless the family and friends.


holymotherofgod said...

That's not the ending I was looking for. I live in BC and have been following this story in our provincial newspaper. Although I'm glad they at least have closure, I wish there had been a more positive outcome. My thoughts are with his family.

steven edward streight said...

I agree completely.

I have a close relative who is deteriorating physically and mentally.

I hate death, insanity, evil.

This world is a hell of sorrows in many respects.

Our entertainment, careers, sex, dining out, vacations, conversations, lofty ideals, dreams and hopes...

...all tainted by the shadow of death.

Death is not natural. All that is within us rebels against it.

Call it what you want, entropy, curse of sin, alien-induced dysfunction, karma refreshing the world with passing of old and entry of new, evolution's sick joke, whatever.

Still, for any being to get sick, be murdered, have an accident...then die...is something I hate and can never get used to.

Death sucks.

Grief hurts.

My heart is with the family and friends, for sure.

I'm faced with similar, but slower, reality in my own family, as I vaguely mentioned.

Death/sickness/insanity sucks.