Monday, June 13, 2005

Bloggers are Forward Thinkers

"forward thinking"

Photo by hyperlux JP Kollhoj (Norway)

Let businesses puzzle their brains to death, endlessly asking "what is a blog?" and "how can I use a blog to generate good PR and increase sales?"

They might as well ask how they can use a spiral notebook.

Maybe CEOs and business leaders should scribble their thoughts into a spiral notebook first. That way, they can get used to transparency, honesty, and sincerity, without anyone flaming, baiting, or challenging them.

If you operate a blog, you're smarter than most CEOs and businesses.

If you operate a blog, you're ahead of the curve.

You're a Forward Thinker, moving into the future.

All these business people have to do is read a few well-written blogs to see the potential they offer.

What's the big deal? Why are they so sluggish, slow, backward in their thinking?

I predict that businesses will pass over blogs.

I predict that businesses will think "forming a candid, two-way conversation with customers" is not a good idea.

Think of how businesses use a telephone to increase sales: telemarketing. The telemarketers hype a product, and use hard sell tactics, sometimes deceptively, to gain an immediate purchase.

Think of how businesses use mail to increase sales: junk mail hyping a product, to gain an immediate purchase.

Think of how businesses use television to increase sales: tv commercials hyping a product, to gain an eventual purchase.

See the trend here?

Television as it currently exists is not interactive.

But mail and telephone are. Do you see any businesses using the interactive nature of telephones and postal mail to engage in candid conversations with customers?

Then why do we expect businesses to jump on the blog bandwagon?


Most businesses are not Forward Thinking.

Most businesses stare at the immediate bottom line down there at their feet, where they're planted like a frozen statue. Afraid to take risks, afraid of innovation, reluctant to implement drastic change or radical improvement.

It's funny, since blogs require no real financial investment or overhead costs, just a cataclysmic revolution in corporate culture.

Ah, there's the rub.

The 9 core values of blogging--how many companies really believe in and practice them?

Another big reason why businesses are so slow to get into blogging is due to a fear of, or a counter-productive attidude toward, change.

They resist change for various bad reasons, but largely because they also resist getting the workers involved in decision-makeing. They don't value worker input. They feel workers are slaves to be bossed around, not associates to include in planning and strategy meetings.

I applaud and cheer that tiny minority of Forward Thinking CEOs and businesses that are experimenting with blogs.

Someday, their competitors will curse the day they decided to "wait and see", to let the others make mistakes and work out exactly how to best use a blog.

The "wait and see" crowd are the Kings of Mediocrity, and mediocrity is its own punishment. The "wait and see" crowd are the cowards, the inept, the dullards and sluggard who impede progress.

When the telephone and the television were first invented, very few business people could see any value to them. They were considered to be merely toys, curiosities, frivolities. Sound familiar?

So blog on brother, blog on sister.

Know that as a blogger, you're a Forward Thinker.

You're way ahead of the ruling elite, the so-called managers, and the business school graduates.

You're the kind of pioneer that made America great, and can make any other nation great, too.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


MARYBETH said...

i did not make the link project today , what with life, family, yoga, NEW BLINDs to put up; but, I did make it here, and would like to post your post on my blog.
What say yee??
P.S. check this blog out( WONKETTE) as a "case in point" for your arguement

Ed Deevy said...

More thought-provoking stuff,Steven. I find your thoughts particularly relevant as I am in the process of setting up a new blog to promote blogging to people in leadership positions. ( May be more of a chaallenge than I think!
Ed Deevy.

steven edward streight said...

marybeth: you may post my post on your blog, lots of people have re-published entire posts or large sections. The polite thing to do is to give credit and to link back to my blog, and you know how to embed a hypertext link in post text, savvy? pulchra femina?

That image accompanying your comment is interesting. What is it?

Wonkette. I have mixed feelings about Mrs. Ana Marie Cox. I saw her on the idiot box, television, a year or so ago, she was explaining blogs and her political satire blog.

She said she likes her porn free and she mentioned (ab)using Vicodin, a strong narcotic that I used to take for a twice-broken back.

While I think she's weird, which is good, she also seemed really ditzy, spacey, frivolous, unfunny, dumb jokey, unfair in critique, and just a pawn of the MSM. My theory is they put her forward as a "typical blogger" to discredit the blogosphere, a common Morbid Stream Media tactic.

Nick Denton and his boring blog empire is all about a magazine business model, trying to squeeze financial gain from blogging, in what seems like greed.

These Gawker Media types don't have the decency to answer my emails, when much more important and busy bloggers answer all my emails, so I have not much good to say about their little blog empire.

Ana Marie Cox is trying to "write a book". Perhaps she should re-write her mind first. I don't know. I could be wrong. Perhaps I should look into it a bit more. Maybe I'm being unfairly harsh myself. Who knows?

Dr. Deevy: I'm being very cynical about business lately. I watched C-SPAN yesterday, and they had some CEOs on stage discussing bloated compensation, feeble ethics, mild punishment for CEO crimes, etc.

A fellow in the audience asked if they thought CEOs who are found guilty of fraud, robbing pension funds, destroying the life savings and careers of thousands of employees, and so on, always plead what nice people they are, and do they get sent to summer camps rather than harsh prisons.

The CEO faces screwed up into hideous scowls, perturbed and squirming like serial killers facing God, and the only response the moderator allowed was from Steven Pearlstein, a Washington Post Business Consultant.

Pearlstein said only words to the effect that criminal penalties for CEOs is "not an issue" and they "don't do anything equivalent to a bank robber."

A nervous silence.

The discussion moved on to less disturbing topics.

It was so obvious how unrepentant, arrogant, deceptive, and misanthropic some CEOS are.

They even justified bloated compensation packages with "everybody's doing it, so no company can buck the status quo", a familiar cry in the criminal and unethical world of charlatans, mediocrity-mongers, and anti-social misfits.

So we have a long long way to go to help businesses to become responsible, ethical, altruistic, and economically sound.

Screwing the retirees and frontline workers, or "Don't Worry, Be Crappy" Guy Kawasaki "ship shoddy, issue upgrades later", are not the way to go.

A revolution in corporate culture, a concern for spiritual and ethical values is called for now, in my view.

Crass materialism and greed are dying a painful and embarrassing death.


Ed Deevy said...

I just realized I gave the wrong address for my new blog on my previous comment. The address: Have listed Blog Core Values on "Recommended Links." Will add this site.

steven edward streight said...

Wow. Thanks Dr. Deevy. I will check out your new site today.

Gotta take my mom to the foot doctor and deal with some "environmental" issues here where I live.

Lies and insanity abound.

A post at Blog Core Values about the general, not private, situation will be forthcoming tonight or tomorrow.