Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blog That Ate My Brain?

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The Blog That Ate My Brain?

If you love blogging, sometimes

sometimes it seems.

Sometimes, not all the time,

mind you, but at some certain times,

in the midst of what is clearly uncertainty,

if seems like it ate your brain.

it somes like it ate your brain.

I mean you can spend a lot of time

* doing research

* seeing topic ideas at other blogs

* formulating responses to posts at other blogs

* posting post-prep comments at other blogs,

prior to crystallizing the comments into

full-blown posts at your own blog

* writing, editing, revising, hyperlinking, and publishing new posts

* reading online and print material to stay on top of your field

* maintaining fast response to user comments on your blog

* reciprocally commenting on blogs of visitors who posted comments on your blog

* re-visiting other blogs on which you've posted comments, to read blog author or blog visitor responses to your comments

* thinking about what you've recently posted (was it too harsh? too light on hyperlinks? too combative? too soft? too preachy? too wimpy? too erudite? too simple? too much? not enough?)

* discussing what you've posted on your blog and other blogs with those who have no idea what you're talking about, don't know and don't care what a blog is, and who aren't even sure who you are to begin with and why you decided to start talking to them.

Like I keep repeating, blogging properly, frequently, authoritatively or entertainingly, non-boringly... can be hard work.

But after spending 15 hours doing all you need to do to publish a post that you're proud of, and you hope will benefit or amuse your readers... can pause and think, "I did it. That post is not too shabby. I like it. I think I expressed what I wanted to express. Now let's see what happens, if anything."

Remember the Lurkers,

who happen to be

the Majority of Your

Blog Readers.

Most readers will read your posts,

like them or hate them,

be enlightened or bored,

pacified or angered,

elated or depressed,

///....///...but will not tell you.

The last time I checked,

the statistic I read was:

less than 2% of internet users

post user-generated content,

such as blog comments.

So be sure you respond quickly

to those who post comments,

but also keep in mind the many

the much more, who are silent,

appreciating or fleeing.

Your lurkers are your silent partners.

Or innocent bystanders... they quietly watch your blog

eat away your brain.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Chris Ritke said...

Ok, so I'll admit it - I was lurking here the past few days... my problem is that I've got so much stuff coming in that my brain is fried by noon at the latest - so I go walk my dog and I'm ready for the second third of the day - same thing around 6pm and off goes the 3rd 3rd of the day.

I do suck up stuff from people's blogs - sometimes I don't know what to write or it turns out it doesn't really interest me that much at the moment or I've got a meeting in 2 minutes and I forget, especially because there are a zillion new posts in my aggregator when I get back to reading.

So here I go back to lurking for a few days - but I'll be back!

Oh - I don't know how many lurkers there are at my blog - but I've noticed lately that I write stuff just to get it off of my chest (that's why the topics go all over the place) - sometimes I think it's nice to come back myself after a while and just read what I was doing/thinking a few weeks/months/years ago. So maybe part of blogging is actually an online diary - for oneself.

steven edward streight said...


See what I mean?

Even when a lurker/user does post a comment, after you've smoked them out of hiding, and they get a little audacity, they still don't tell you if they like a post or not, just start speaking of themselves.


Very interesting, Chris, and now it's my turn to talk.

Does anyone like my use of photos now, instead of just always digital artwork, to accompany posts?

Creepy, huh? How things change.

I have no aggregator. I just mosey on through the blogosphere, like I've got all the time in the world.

Chris Ritke said...

Oh but I do like your post - you got me creeping out of my aggregator over to your blog!

And yes, that image is amazing (as is the web site it came from)

And yes, I also mosey on around - it doesn't make sense to stare at your aggregator all day waiting for things to show up... and if you just watch the same feeds all the time - well, that would be pretty boring!

steven edward streight said...


A blog can also be used as a hyper-email alternative.

See my upcoming post "Neo-blogging" to appear later tonight, this morning, or whatever it is.

jackenstein of all trades said...

I find your post oddly calming - it no longer matters as much to me nw that ppl (yes even those i know) dont comment on my infrequent blog. Having no comments is akin to suffering from tactile deprivation but it's written all over your skin for the world to see, but now you have given me the tools to "sense ppl in the room" as it were and it feels less forboding. Dont get me wrong, it still matters that my shabby-less-than-net-savvy friends dont comment, only not as much.
Having said that, the "Vaspers The Grate theory of the Reciprocal Comment" is a programe i am subscribing to.

steven edward streight said...

It's always nice to see someone dig through to an older post of mine and deposit an interesting comment, Jackenstein of All Trades.

Love that nickname also. My kind of thinking, twisting common phrases around and increasing their relevance.

"infrequent" blog? Why so?

This is a big mistake, in most cases.

If you post infrequently, many will think you don't care, you give the blog a very low priority, or you have abandoned it.

Think about increasing your posting frequency.

I'll check out your blog again, and maybe give you more advice on your blog comment field.

hang in there, friend.