Thursday, June 09, 2005

Blog Definition & Future of Blogs--Part Two

blog definition and future, part 2

What is the definition of "blog"? What does the future hold for blogs?

I was curious about what some of my blogging friends had to say about this. So I sent an email micro-survey to them, and got quite a few interesting replies.

Here is the second batch of answers, by some of the highest traffic, most successful, and most respected bloggers in the blogosphere.

Thanks to all my blog allies for taking time from their busy schedules to reply to my emails.

I appreciate your willingness to share your insights with others.

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Dave Taylor of The Intuitive Life Business Blog

(1.) What is your definition of a "blog"?

A blog isn't what everyone thinks it is.

In fact, on this very page, you have a pile of definitions of blogs that I disagree with.


Because everyone likes to focus on the *presentation* of information and blogs are really all about the *management* of information.

Here's what I mean: if you think that a blog is a web site characterized by frequent articles displayed in chronological order, typically with timestamps, a la a journal or diary, you're missing the forest for the trees.

Weblogs, instead, are just the facade that we see of considerably more powerful content management systems that really revolutionize the maintenance of Websites.

Look at it this way: if you're not using a blog to help manage your site, when was the last time you added any new content or revised an existing page?

When you do add content, do you make sure to link
it into all the other pages on your site, including your sitemap?

Sure, there are other software solutions for managing Web sites, but none
that are as flexible, easy, inexpensive, and SEO-friendly as weblogs.

(2.) What is the future of blogs?

Having said that, I think that blogs are going to go the way of the dinosaur, evolving from an animal we spot into the petroleum we use to fuel our journeys, without giving an iota of thought to the source of the petroleum.

It's not that blogs aren't cool and interesting, but just as geeks used to learn PostScript so they could work with printers and display systems and now...

...have no idea that PostScript is the underlying language of many devices, so we'll find that we can focus on our sites, how the information is displayed and how we utilize it for our needs.

After all, the bottom line is the same as it was before the blogging "phenomenon":

how do you find the best, most useful and valuable information on the Internet for any given question, problem or query?

Katherine Stone of Decent Marketing

(1.) What is your definition of a "blog"?

I guess my definition of a blog is a technologically-enabled worldwide conversation. That's what it is for me anyway.

Simply a way of chatting and sharing ideas with people I never would have met or been able to talk to otherwise about a subject that is of mutual interest.

(2.) What is the future of blogs?

As for the future of blogs, I think we'll continue to get millions and millions of them as people catch on to the trend. But most of those will become defunct fairly quickly as people realize they actually have to maintain them, and it can take quite a bit of time.

I also wonder whether more and more webmasters will lose business to blog hosters, if it turns out that people abandon their more static websites in favor of just having blogs.

Laura Ries of The Origin of Brands Blog

(1.) What is your definition of a "blog"?

A personal online journal.

(2.) What is the future of blogs?

Blogs will continue to influence pop culture. They ignite, fuel and influence the word of mouth marketing of brands, trends and scandals.

While traditional media (ie TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers) will continue to dominate pop culture, more reporters will also get story ideas from the world of blogging.

And bloggers will continue to write about what they see in the mass media.

Word of mouth is the most powerful and successful way to build brands.

Advertising continues its decline as a brand building tool.

Robert May of Business Pundit

(1.) What is your definition of a "blog"?

I don't think I really have a great definition. I would say a blog is a regularly updated thought diary.

(2.) What is the future of blogs?

The future of blogs is how others will use them. Blogging won't change significantly over the near future, but the technologies that mine them for data will.

Blogs are a deep source of unstructured personal thinking, and in many cases they are as honest as you can get.

That information could be very valuable once someone figures out how to
harness it.

Julia Hayden (Sgt. Mom) of The Daily Brief

(1.) What is your definition of a "blog"?

What is a blog? An on-line journal, frequently updated, of essays, comments and links.

(2.) What is the future of blogs?

Future of blogs? Some will go on very much as they have, but some of the more current-events blogs will move even more into being news and commentary providers.

Ernest Svenson of Ernie the Attorney

(1.) What is your definition of a "blog"?

Technically, it is a website that is easily updated with posts generally being placed in reverse chronological order.

Metaphorically, blogs are like the end of the fireworks show where lots of colorful explosions increase the passion and excitement of the crowd.

(2.) What is the future of blogs?

What is the future of humans finding new ways to trust each other and communicate from that standpoint? I don't know, but I'm looking forward to finding out.


MARYBETH said...

My Blog began as a way to connect with new people whose thoughts and feelings are whirling through the infinite spaces of the internet, waiting to be discovered by yet another blogger who is whirling through the same internet universe.
I am sure glad I landed on your Blog as some of the knowlege I seek is here in your place!

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Marybeth, but be careful.

My blog is full of good information, but sometimes I can get rather mouthy, confrontational, and rough.

I try to express universal compassion for all living and non-living entities...but I also express anger, shock, frustration, complaints, and even goofiness once in a seldom while, every 3rd blue mandraked moon.

You have provided my readers with a creative definition, an artistic definition of blogging.

Way to go!

MARYBETH said...

STEVE this is second time posting this i think
well.. oh... my.. SHIT!!!! I hadn't given this a thought, yet it makes perfect sense. Why wouldn't the Internet reflect society as we know it- As horrifying as it is!
I will go sign petitions!do what I can!speak my voice!
STEVE, I am responding here after reading your comment about not opening HTML e-mails.
How else would I e-mail you??
Thank You for all you are doing to teach me about this "foreign world" of BLOGGING
I would LOVE to add links to my blog! I see many folks have them, but as usual, I haven't a clue as to how to do it.

steven edward streight said...

marybeth, my new protege:

I gotta run. Going to dinner with my lovely wife. But don't fear. I will explain everything in minute detail later tonight.

On email, go to your Settings or Configurations or Options or whatever it's called.

You should be able to set the values to Text Only, for BOTH viewing email and sending email.

Get out of that dangerous, fancy but hazardous, HTML email garbage. Very very dangerous, I don't care what anybody says. I can quote experts on this, security experts, if need be.

Adding links? Okay, you need Sidebar Enhancement lessons.

I'm going to post on this soon. Hopefully tonight.

But I'll privately tutor you first.

Hang in there. It's all coming, heading your way.

Patience my friend.

Love your comments.

You are very cool and hip.




steven edward streight said...

Hi Marybeth.

I just emailed you 18 steps on how to add links to your blog.

I looked at your blog template by right clicking on the blog and clicking on view source code.

HOPE this helps you.