Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Be Provocative or Passionate

be provocative or passionate

Bloggers must be provocative or passionate, or they'll be ignored.

Lipsticking, has an interesting interview with Andy Wibbels of Easy Bake Weblogs.



Andy makes a great point when he says he advises client to be either provocative or passionate.

I don't see how you can be passionate without being provocative, but I always have to open my big blog mouth...and add my two cents to everything in the universe.


One of my favorite quotes is from Nick Usborne, in his book NET WORDS: Creating High-impact Online Copy (p. 40):

"...the Internet was built on and thrives on the strong voices of its participants. Online you need to have a strong character in order to stand out from the crowd.

The Net is vast community of voices--articulate, witty, ridiculous, and loud. So character counts for something.

Being blah guarantees that you'll never be heard. The mistake many businesses make online is that they display the same caution as they do in the offline world."

Now, with that as an introduction, let's look at a slice of that interview at Lipsticking...



We notice you write short, terse notes that invite comment. How is this working out for you? What do you have to say to bloggers who don't enable comments?


It is funny: the snarkier I get the more that people like it.

It is sort of in my nature to be a sarcastic wiseass and I find myself writing not just to inform but to entertain - like when I blogged marketing tips from a gay leather convention.

Another example was my screed about autoposting software that rips off other people's content feeds -- I wrote how I thought it was like dumping sewage in a public pool. My readers loved it and I'm still getting comments three weeks later.

There's a real need for saying what everyone else is thinking and people really gather around that spirit. That's what has really caused blogs to break through.

I find the more I tap into that Ranty McRantyPants spirit the more engaging the conversation.

I often tell clients to be either provocative or passionate.

The internet can be such a cold medium, it takes that kind of warmth or heat to push through and get people to respond.

Slay a sacred cow, say what isn't being said.

If you aren't going to be honest or have a personality, then just go back to schlepping sterile press releases.

I think bloggers that don't use comments are weenies.

I know there's comment spam and all that jazz but there's so many options available to combat that. I think a blog without comments isn't truly a blog (and I know I'll catch hell for saying that).

If you have a blog without comments you're basically just using a blog for the content management features - not to truly forging a conversation or relationship. Sure the neo-Nazi's might show up but you can always delete comments.

[END QUOTE--bolding and extra paragraphing added for emphasis]

Just thought you'd like to have a guided glimpse into hard-core blogging. Not for cowards or insecure wimps is the rough and tumble world of the blogosphere: blogs as sphere of influence.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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