Saturday, June 25, 2005

Another Reason Why I Sign My Posts

another reason why I sign posts (Vaspers the Grate)

I strongly suggest you sign your blog posts.

[EDIT-ADDITION]: ...and embed your blog URL in your name (in my case: my aka nickname, which is also the title of my primary, flagship blog). On Blogger, I embed the URL in my aka [also known as] by highlighting "Vaspers the Grate", then click-selecting the link icon (in the field above post text entry box: bold, italics, hyperlink, block quote, spell check, add image). Next, a popup text entry box appears, with "http://" pre-entered, and I just add the rest of the URL. "Vaspers the Grate" in my signature is now an embedded hypertext link.

It takes just a few more keystrokes, a few seconds.

But then, if someone copy and pastes one of your posts into their blog or web site, they may be so sloppy they'll forget to delete your signature, thus readers will see who actually wrote the post.

I don't mind, except they could at least intro it by saying "Here's a great article by [your name] at [your blog URL]". That's just netiquette, being appreciative and polite.

Just look at this brilliant article on 36 Ways to Enhance Blog Credibility:

This "osCOMMERCE" web site stole my entire article, posted it on their site, with no explanation, no comment, no introduction, as if they wrote it.


Yikes. Look at all that Vaspers the Grate imagery, hyperlinkage, and signage. This particular post happened to have big digital art specimens, so big and unscalable, they're breaking the layout of the site as viewed in my Firefox browser.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate



Karen said...

I know I shouldn't be shocked at the blatant theft, but I am.
They have the nerve to display a copyright notice at the bottom of the page, too.

steven edward streight said...

This osCommerce site is a great example of Web Crap.

It's full of corporate fluff writing, it's inaccurate ("RSS = Reviewing Site Syndication"), on its News page in the left column there's spam ("Insure Your Car with a credit card") repeated multiple times, and it's anonymous:

[QUOTE from their About page]

True to its open source nature, osCommerce as a work in progress is a community effort.


I could see no Contact Us information and no actual personal names of any staff.

So vague and opaque, this site needs a warning label.

Yet they claim to be all about e-commerce, web design, etc.

Your standard generic con artist web garbage.

Things like this are leading me to go back into my web usability and credibility research and not focus so exclusively on blogs.

I must return to my background as web analyst and begin to again warn others of other dangers than just the pseudo blogs and the anti-comment trend.


Thanks Karen for visiting. I left some pretty radical comments on your blog.

Best wishes to you.