Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Readerless Blogging

Many personal blog bloggers will tell you:

"I blog to express myself."


"I blog to get things off
my chest, to air my complaints,
to state my opinions."

If you've been reading
Vaspers the Grate for
a while you know:

I have little interest
in Vanity Blogs.

Yet, I do claim this:

Even the Vanity Blogs
serve the purpose of
people finding their voice.

I deeply sympathize with
how the average person

and poor people have been
made to be silent and

submit themselves to
political propaganda
and commerical messages.

Blogs are People Power.

Blogs represent the rise
of Citizen Journalism,
Grassroots Activism,
Social Transformation.

I want to emphasize now
this important point:

When you blog to express
yourself, your opinions,
your ideas and interests... may also improve
your thinking and writing.

I and many others have
said this often before.

What I mean to say here
is this:

Keep Blogging in Obscurity.

Keep Blogging in Loneliness.

Keep Blogging All By Yourself.

Keep Blogging to Nobody.

Keep Blogging with No Comments.

Keep Blogging with No Fans, Followers, or Friends.

Keep Blogging with No Emails
from the audience.

Keep Blogging with No RSS Subscribers.

Keep Blogging with No Mention
of Your Blog in Other Blogs.

Keep Blogging with No Invitations
to Attend Blog Conferences.

Keep Blogging with No Friends or
Family Who Care or Understand Blogs.

Keep Blogging with Flamers Attacking.

Keep Blogging with Enemies Laughing.

Keep Blogging with RSS Subscribers
Cancelling Their Feeds.

Keep Blogging with Weariness.

Keep Blogging with Uncertainty.

Keep Blogging with Hopelessness.

Keep Blogging without Joy.

Keep Blogging without Fun.

Keep Blogging without Profit.

Keep Blogging without Appreciation.

Keep Blogging without Results.


Why "keep blogging"
in spite of all these
seemingly negative events?

Because daily or bi-weekly
or whatever frequency
blogging will help YOU.

Blogging is good mental
discipline and exercise.

Blogging can make you smarter.

Blogging can make you nicer.

Blogging can make you less boring.

Blogging can make you more sincere.

Blogging can make you more creative.

Blogging can make you more literate.


blogging is taking power
away from the Powers That Pretend To Be.

Blogging is Thinking.

Blogging is Acting.

Blogging is SUBVERSIVE.


Blogging is SPIRITUAL.


[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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