Friday, May 27, 2005

One Year Anniversary of Vaspers the Grate

Vaspers Anniversary Celebration Poster Posted by Hello

I sincerely appreciate all those who have



subscribed to feeds

posted comments




blogged about

Vaspers the Grate.

To celebrate my

One Year Anniversary,

I have given the site

a fresh new design template.


those who believed in me,

answered questions,

set a good example,

and helped me a lot

(even when they disagreed
with some of my ideas):

* Andrea Streight

(my wife, who is
a senior accountant
at a prestigious
insurance firm, who got
me back up to speed in
computer skills, and who
listens to my rants daily)

* Jakob Nielsen

(who taught me
web usability)

* Prof. B.J. Fogg

(who taught me
web credibility)

* Mac Swift

(who taught me how to blog
and how to engage in
serious blogo-combat)

* Kaitlin Duck Sherwood

(who taught me
micro-content writing)

* Evan Williams

(who made Push Button
Publishing via Blogger
available to us all)

* Google

(who provides me with
FREE things--
Blogspot, Gmail,
Hello/Picasa, etc.,
so I can do ZBM:
Zero Budget Marketing)

* Microsoft

(for Windows OS
and MSN internet
connection, etc.)

* Busy

(for my FREE new
moblog "Radical
Corporate Art")

* Robert Scoble

* Shel Israel

* Seth Godin

(who promptly answers
all my dumb emails)

* John C. Dvorak

(who inspires my writing
and my science fiction
micro stories at my
Cosmos Blogmos blog)

* Cory Doctorow

* Doc Searls

* Christopher Locke

* David Weinberger

* Dave Taylor

* Debbie Weil

* Paul Woodhouse

(my blogo-combat comrade)

* Don the Idea Guy

* Dr. Ed Deevy

* Paul Chaney

* Toby Bloomberg

* Amy Gahran

* Richard Edelman

* Laura Ries

* Jennifer Rice

* Robert May

* Jeremy C. Wright

* Darren Rouse

* Tom Peters

* Cathy Mosca

* Hugh Macleod

* Greg Hoffman

* Steve Rubel

* John Moore

* Katherine Stone

* Ken Kirchgessner

(with whom I work on
the WD Boyce BSA
Web Development
Committee--he's Chairman)

* Thomas A. Powell

(WEB DESIGN:The Complete Reference book)

* O'Reilly Publishing


* Nick Usborne

(NET WORDS book)

These, PLUS many others:

* whose blogs taught me plenty

* who scolded me about my errors

* who paved the way before me

* who defended me against enemies


* who tolerated my bizarre

comments at their blogs!

(Particularly Robert Scoble

and Shel Israel)

THANKS so much to all of you

and to those whose names

may not appear here...

...but you know who you are.

I hope to earn and keep

your respect and friendship

for many years to come.

God Bless the Universe

and the Blogosphere!

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Ed Deevy said...

Great New Look! Congratulations, Steven.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Dr. Deevy.

Your blog is one of my inspirations.

I encourage all my readers and feeders to visit The Deevy Report blog, comment on it, and blogroll it.


Dr. Deevy is addressing an aspect of business and business blogging that most others neglect or are not qualified to deal with.