Thursday, May 19, 2005

Most Important Aspect of a Blog

this is the top priority of a blog Posted by Hello

Darren Rouse at ProBlogger asks:

"A good blog is...?"

He quotes a person who states
the vital values of a blog are:

* clear focus

* up-to-date knowledge

* awareness of wider debate

* generous to readers

* distinct, authoritative voice

Now this is what I posted as a comment at ProBlogger:

[QUOTE by Streight]

Relevant content of theoretical or practical value to the the audience, according to user studies, not assumptions.

Notice how often and easily we slump into describing marketing tools with what we want to accomplish, how we want audiences to react, what we need, what we think...

...when all that matters, at first and throughout, is user needs and interests.

Many other factors help boost credibility, readability, actionability, curiosity, etc.

But if the design repulses within the first few seconds: bail out.

If the content then is not satisfying, coherent, presented well: bail out.

More important than what makes a good (effective) blog... what makes a good (ethical) blog.

[END QUOTE by Streight at ProBlogger]

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steven edward streight said...

Darren Rouse emailed me this comment:


Great comment steven!

You're on the money too



Thanks for the encouragement Darren.

Your ProBlogger site is a great service to the blogosphere.