Monday, May 09, 2005

Blogosphere as Hyper-linked Enclave

new definition of blogosphere Posted by Hello

Is it MTV, VH1, Fox News, Pay Per Channel, Satellite TV, HDTV, text messaging, cell phone video recorders, pen cameras, wearable wifi, Internet2 super high-speed film downloads...

vs. blogs?

In other words:

* instant interactive but ephemeral communication (text messaging)


* passive consumption of entertainment


* active updating of, and interaction with the users of, a universalized democratic, global-public communications and archiving platform: the blog?

This, then, is the most inclusive and specialized definition of "blogosphere".

Blogosphere= universal, dynamically hyper-linked enclave of sporadic, self-affixed footnotes on the web ("weblogs") that function as global network communication-interaction platforms with archiving-retrieval systems.

Yes, but no, the real dangers are coming from within the blogosphere.

Real hostility to the blog, and the core values of blogging, the inner, hidden, esoteric, whisper-transmission doctrines of blogular powers and vows... coming from within, not from without.

The most insouciant ("disdainful, supercilious, insensitive, unruffled, and cavalier"), i.e., most insidious ("sneakily detrimental, seeming innocence disguising great wreck and ruin")...

...assaults against the blog realm are an inside job, either inadvertantly, or with full intentionality.

If you're reading this and have arrived here...chances are, your blog doesn't fit the descriptors of a "garbloge", a garbage blog, worthless or malicious.

Examples of garbloge blogs:

* vendo-blog: blog is a digital vending machine hyping and dispensing merchandise

* eyeball-blog: blog is a, or provides enticing links to, spy-ware/ad-ware attachment site

* detour-blog: blog functions primarily as a means of driving traffic to another page or site: a merchandise "store" page within the blog, an e-commerce online catalog, or a corporate web site.

* personal blog featuring incessant private detail eloborations, including super-transparency about sensitive information related to family members and their habits and hang-outs, finacial generalities, place of employment, religious faith, shopping behavior and brand preferences, or other exploitable data.

Who will act as diagnostic lab, surgeon, and rehabilitation team to the languishing bloatosphere?

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