Saturday, May 28, 2005

Blogging With Nothing To Say

a blog can be a dangerous weapon of death by boredom Posted by Hello

Here I go again.

Boring Blog Bashing, like only Vaspers can do.

This post was inspired by Uta at Fancy World, her Bzzzzzzzzz! cartoon.

Have you ever visited a bunch of blogs,
only to feel exhausted, empty, enraged?

I have. Happens all the time.

While I support the grass roots
revolution of the common person
blogging, expressing thoughts,
voicing opinions, talking back
to the media and corporations
and tyrannical rogue regimes...

...I don't support boring blogs.

I don't enjoy visiting blogs
that are popular, blogrolled
by prestigious bloggers...

...only to find nothing of value.

Nothing amusing.

Nothing enlightening.

Nothing inspiring.

Nothing worth reading.

I'm talking mainly about
business, marketing, and tech blogs.

Many of them suck, really bad.

PLEASE post harsh comments at them.

PLEASE send questioning email to the authors.

I include myself and my own blogs.

Speak out and act up.

Let bloggers know how you feel.

If a blogger has not a damn thing
to say, why does he go ahead and post
something anyway. Loser!

I want you to flame me if I post
stupid, boring, or worthless
material to any of my blogs.

I want to hear other points of view.

I want to receive the harshest
criticism you can dish out.

That's how I improve and grow.

My enemies do me more favors
than my friends and allies.

My re-design of this blog
was due largely to a person,
Martin, who frequents the blog
Hello World.

He says nasty, unfair things
about me for sport or venting.

That's okay.

I learn and adjust and perfect.

He hated my typeface and colors.

He caused me to hate my blog.

so you'll then try to improve it.

If you love your blog,

your writing style,

your design template,

your reader comments,

your widgets and art,


Keep improving, changing,
growing, enhancing.

Avoid boring readers
with Nothing To Say
and No New Features
and No Design Changes.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka The Leper Guru

P.S. Here's that image again that I like so much, and so poorly imitate on this post in my own pathetic manner:

here's that Bzzzzz image from Fancy World Posted by Hello


SatishTalim said...

Steven, I have been trying various ways to get more people to visit my blog - Blog rings, Exchange etc. Some of these ask you to visit 2 to 3 blogs every day. I try and do that, but get put off by blogs that (a) have wild colors - pinks etc, where I am not able to read what the blogger is posting (b) have offensive language in each and every blog (c) have a lot of graphics, flash etc., making the blog slow to load in my browser (d) have absolutely no original content (10% maybe okay)...

steven edward streight said...



I have spent literally hours visiting other blogs and finding nothing valuable.

I get so frustrated, I start to hate the blogosphere, and question why I have a blog: "Are there better things I could be doing with my life? What is the point?"

Then I read something amazing, I learn something wonderful and helpful on a blog, or something funny and true that makes me laugh.

Or I get good comments on my blog.


I'm no expert on blog traffic, but I can tell you a few things.

I think the best way to get people to visit your blog is to blog really valuable material, have interesting, carefully researched or profound contemplation posts.

Then also post comments at lots of other high quality, high traffic blogs.

If you say something extremely intelligent, funny, unique, helpful, witty, compassionate, or unusual at other blogs, the visitors to those blogs may be amazed at what you say, think you are genius or fascinating personality, and be curious to visit your blog.

First: have a great blog, very smart posts, very unique information, very funny, or whatever is best suited to your blog and your audience.

Second: keep perfecting your blog.

Third: post comments at other blogs, with your blog URL embedded in your name (as is common in most blog comment forms).

Fourth: put your blog URL in your email signatures, business letterhead, all promotions of your business or as individual person.

Just a few tips.

Intelligent, interesting, even challenging but smart comments at high quality, high traffic blogs is a very good method to attract people to your blog.

Once people come to your blog, when they post comments, be sure to reply quickly within the comment threads.

You'll notice I try to respond to every single comment in a timely manner.

Hope this rambling nonsense helps.


steven edward streight said...

P. S. Also use RSS feeds and email subscription forms (like I just recently added to my blogs, the Bloglet form). These are free tools.

When you post a very important, unique, carefully researched, intelligent, funny, or profound article on your blog, consider sending a short polite email to a list of 50 or 100 high traffic bloggers.

If some of them like your post, they may write their own post on their blog about the post on your blog, and provide a link to you.

Only do this once in a while. If you do it too often, these bloggers could get annoyed and ignore all your emails.

I've only done it once. But it worked great. (It was my post on the Wall Street Journal article).

If bloggers email you and thank you, say they agree with you, etc., then make sure your next several posts are extremely high quality also, because they and their readers may check out your blog for a while, seeing if it is consistently superior.

Again, I'm an expert on writing, but not an expert on increasing blog traffic. I'm still learning and experimenting myself.


SatishTalim said...

Very good observation, Steven. I use Bloglines. Any idea on how to integrate Adsens with that or RSS? I will give Bloglet a shot too. Thanks.

steven edward streight said...

Here we are, Satish, using a blog comment forum like a chat room.


Well, I'm still learning about RSS. As far as Adsense goes, I don't use it because I don't like how the ads look, and I can't be certain of the advertisers.

I try to keep my blogs ad-free, but I am considering the Amazon affiliate program, where you display covers of books and users can click/select them to buy them from Amazon.

The reason interests me is I love books and I think book covers of good marketing and IT texts might look nice on my blogs.

But do I get to pick what books are displayed on my blog?

I'm not interested in making my blog a vending machine selling merchandise.

I'd rather keep it ad-free as much as possible, and sell my writing and consulting services to corporations and business owners.

I'm looking into selling my science fiction micro stories (see my Cosmos Blogmos blog for them) to various online sci fi story publishers, like Strange Horizons.

Do you like my Blogmap from Microsoft?

Though I'm wary of personal details and identity theft, I don't see how a map could hurt.

If a bad guy wants a piece of me, wants to fight, I'm more than happy to oblige: blogo-combat or fisticuffs. Just joking. I'm a pacifist.


Martin said...

Steve, if the only thing I accomplished by critiqueing your blog was to make you think (and I mean REALLY think) about the way it's put together, then you've put a smile on my face.

Keep it up!

steven edward streight said...

Martin, my pseudo-nemesis:

You are a perfect example of how a criticism that may seem on the surface to be "harsh" or "unkind" can actually be the kick in the rear you need to look at something with fresh eyes.

You didn't like my former colors or design. I asked for your suggestions. You reversed your "harshing" and got all warm and fuzzy and said you'd do a whole re-design.

I asked you if your personal site had comments enabled, you seemingly thought I was goading or mocking you, and you accused me of having a "sucky attitude".

I looked at your design, and it inspired me to experiment with a new Blogger template by Douglas Bowman of STOP DESIGN.

I was very impressed with your revision of my blog description (the text right under the title of the blog).

You shortened the text, and I followed suit, using wording very close to what you used in the re-design.

CONCLUSION: Two fiery, aggressive personalities clashed, and smashed, and a great new creation resulted.

Sometimes it takes "harsh", blunt, bold critique to get through a person's conditioned and hardened perceptions.

I like to engage in seriously heated debate now and then. If all goes well, both parties can walk away from it with a better understanding and appreciation of different viewpoints.

Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into helping me out.

Steven, your devoted ally!


(Who was it that said "the best way to defeat an opponent is to transform them into a friend"?)

Martin said...

It's my pleasure Steven - Doug Bowman is one of a select few designers who I have serious respect for, so you're in good company :-)

Just one thing though: I never, ever hate any design of mine. I might hate one of the versions on the way there, but never the result. It's all about love!