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Blog "Voice" or Blog "Writing Style"?

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[This is an identical version of a post that originally appeared on Blog Core Values.]

An Official Public Service Document

signed and dated by
Leopold the Told

Blog "Voice"...or Blog "[Writing] Style"?

What no blogger understands sufficiently is that the blog is not a "voice". I've called it "voice", I readily admit at the outset. But I no longer feel it's right to continue a hallowed tradition when that tradition is in error.

Blog "voice"? What is heard? As I type these humble words, all that can be heard is a slight clicking sound, limited pitch range, of computer keyboard keys being pounded by a caffeinated skeleton.

What is that gooey stuff in our blogs?

You know: that sight or sound. We're not sure if we see it or if we hear it. We, I suspect, prefer to hear it. Seems more real and present and transient and deniable and vulnerable to evasion when it's spoken, not when it's written.

Why is so much written when it could more easily simply be said?

That gooey gunk in our blogs that is less adhesive to them than it is to us, is our words. What we think. What we want to...want to "say"?

"A "voice"" asserts, mistakenly, the supremacy of speech over writing. Of narrative over communication. Of noice over language.

Thus, much nonsense in the new media. Much blathering in the bloatosphere. The: "monkey hear, monkey say" syndrome.

I "hear" a blogger "say" something "in" ("at" or "on") a blog. But how am I "hearing" through my eyes? and how is a blogger able to "say" it through marks, inscriptions, traces, indelible code stains, rather than through vocal utterance sound? Are our eyes so brainwashed that when seeing sentences they think they're able to hear the words, as though speech has to even intrude into an area of no significance, a territory forever out of its reach?

Turn your mind inside out and consider this now.

When I hear a telemarketer talking about some new television show and wanting my email address to send me notices and refuses to send me any verification by postal mail, I don't say, "Earlier this morning, I read a sales pitch by an obnoxious telemarketer. The telemarketer wrote that her company did not send out anything by postal mail. So I said I was done with them then, and take me off your phone list or I'll sue you."

To claim these things were legible-written, when they were actually audible-spoken, would be to grossly falsify the facts, when a truth factor could easily straighten that all out.

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Bloggers speak of blog "voice" in order to herald a return to the age of the telephonic, say it with writing if you must, but say it nonetheless, is the slogan that is heard on every page.

Speech invades writing's domain and tries to dominate the scene.

Speech gets metaphysical and claims that somewhere, always, "behind the text" lurks a voice speaking it into being, rather than fingers-eyes-and-mind composing it.

Writing fights back, through Derrida and now through this text.

This is text textualizing text as well as context, pretext, and post-text.

The page outlasts the tongue.

The digitized message can exist in other worlds, in outermost space.

Text is future. Tongue is past. Long reign writing.

Blog has not "voice".

Blog does have "text".

Then what to call a unique, one of a kind, original "voice" of the blog?

What shall we write then, to transport this information on blog style, the non-aural, non-sonic "mood-and-mode" ["of-the-writing"], stylistics, stylings, from a writerly perspective?

What would text call itself? Surely not by the name of its nemesis, not use the worded "voice", which belongs to text's arch-rival: speech.

A blogging [writing] "style" all your own.

A unique blogger with a distinctive blogal [writing] style.

A blogal [writing] style composed of: regretable word choice, absurd syntax, grammatical skill, rhetorical flair, oxymoronic wit, onomatopoeic pleadings, and axiomatic accidents.

A stylishly [writingly] smart blog with a stylistic [writistic] edge that makes tough issues bleed, while it sets out fresh-cut roses in the patio vase.

All communication is marginalia...

...with no unrepeatable essence, nor fixed center of control.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

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