Monday, May 02, 2005

Blog Core Values: Deep Blogology

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My new blog credibility site is up and along with my original postings, Guest Contributors include:

* Richard Edelman (article)
* Debbie Weil (article)
* Robert May (special article)
* Guillaume de Gardier (article)
* Scott Ginsberg (special article and email quote)
* Jorn Barger (email quote)
* Amy Gahran (email quote)
* John Moore (email quote)
* Dave Taylor (email quote)

Here are some of the articles and information
currently avaiable at Blog Core Values:


Why Defend the Core Values of Blogging?

Evaluating Blog Credibility

36 Ways to Enhance Your Blog's Credibility

18 Characteristics of Good Blog Content

Blog "Voice" or Blog "Writing Style"?

6 Esoteric Powers of the New Super Bloggers

How many blog? How many dead blogs?

Too Much Hype or Much Too Hostile? Reviewer bias

Kill the Talking Moose Blog

Blog Core Values: defined

Scott Ginsberg: Nametag as Marketing Strategy

How to Improve a CEO Blog

Develop Unique Blog Voice: via Kenneth Patchen

Authenticity Alert: "Group Celebrity Blog"

Robert May: Businesses and Blogging

Thumbing Their Gnosis at Universal Blog Mantra

Richard Edelman: Over the Wall

Complete Idiot's Guide to Complete Idiots

Why I Started Blogging

Blogo-combat against The Guardian reporter

Derrida: Signature, Event, Context

Blog Wars of 2005

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