Friday, May 27, 2005

Beautifying the Blogosphere with Fancy World

New Cartoon Blogger Rocks! Posted by Hello

I stumbled upon a site in which I stumbled upon another site that stopped me cold in my tracks. It was the very interesting 49 Media that turned me onto Fancy World and Uta Culemann.

Friends, join me in welcoming Uta and her Fancy World site to the blogosphere.

Uta Culemann is a cartoon artist who is new to the blogosphere and is heroically trying to figure out what's going on and she's "curious about where it leads", as she stated in an email to me.

Well, it leads to fame and fortune, if you're as talented as Uta Culemann.

She states "I started my blog with cartoons because I'm from Germany and a cartoon can work without a lot of sentences. Now I'm learning English and also blogging."

I promised her that if she hooks up with Vaspers the Grate and Blog Core Values, I would steer her in the right direction. And I mean to keep my promise, which I also make to all my fans, flamers, and followers.

here's that Bzzzzz image from Fancy World Posted by Hello

You've got to take just a moment and look at her latest post, which I cannot give you the deep link URL for, because I cannot count how many "z" are in it. (Sort of reminds me of how some, like the Wall Street Journal, say, correctly but suspiciously, "we cannot really count the blogs in the blogosphere accurately". Ha!)

I copy and paste her post title here:


This recent post is captioned "Too much web today" and it cleverly and artistically conveys the overwhelming frustration that we've all experienced at times.

Sometimes, after 22 hours on the computer, I get up and feel like I smoked some sinsimilla mixed with lamb's breath or something. Your brain circuits blow out in a pseudo-euphoric, depersonalizing, disorienting manner.

If I don't get a bunch of comments on this post about Fancy World, I'll know you all have lost a few marbles. Seriously, check this out. It's funny, weird, and well done.

The wonderful new cartoon blog called Fancy World:

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka The Leper Guru


SatishTalim said...

Thanks for leading me to Fancy World.

steven edward streight said...

You're welcome dear friend.

She's terrific, isn't she. Very nice woman and so appreciative.

She said in a recent email that I could post the Bzzzzzzzz image on VTG, so I'm off to do that now.

See ya.