Saturday, May 28, 2005

8 Ways To Decide What To Blog About Next

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When I did my Blog Post Titles Experiment #1 and #2, I studied many blog post titles.

I began to wonder why certain topics were posted. I mean, I pondered how the bloggers came up with their posts.

Obviously, some bloggers respond to news about blogs, computer manufacturers, RSS, podcasts, tech gadgets, blogging guidelines, and related issues.

Others blog about politics, culture, religion, philosophy, music, art, commerce, etc.

I thought it might be interesting to try to provide a list of ways that I myself come up with new blog posts, new articles, new writings for my blogs.

Blog Post Topic Generation Tips


* Contemplate
* Innovate
* Irritate
* Illuminate
* Imaginate
* Emulate
* Meditate
* Speculate


Think about what you've learned lately.

Any new insights from experience?

Any interesting facts you discovered?

Anything that you would personally tell
someone who was sitting in the room
with you as you stare at your computer?


Think of something most people assume
to be true, but you have a contrary opinion.

Think of something most people are doing,
but you have a very different method.

Think of something that people assume
is a problem, but you have solved it.


Deliberately write about something that you
feel strongly about, but know others will
not agree with, and will argue about.

In a benevolent manner, describe how an
activity or belief that is common is
actually in error, and should change.

Find something that is really stupid
and attack it, with the betterment of others
as the primary goal, but be firm.

I'm not advocating sadism or cruelty.

I mean irritate in a way that shakes
people out of lethargy, complacency,
apathy, mediocrity, and idiocy.


Find something that few seem to understand,
research it, and proclaim your new knowledge.

Dangers of Personal Blogging (identity theft,
child predators, phishing, irate employers,
stalkers, etc.) is a good example.


Write a title that sounds good.

Then write text to go along with it.

Dream up the topic by thinking:

"This would be a good post title,
and if someone had this post title
in their blog, I'd definitely read it."

Use your imagination in an area
of which you have some expertise.


If you see a good post in someone else's
blog, and you like it, but you think that
you could write a similar post, in your
own words, based on your unique point of
view and experience, try writing one.

Don't imitate or plagiarize.

Just let another blog post inspire you.


Ponder some aspect deeply.

Think long and hard about something.

Go for a walk. Lie down and listen to music.

Relax and let the thoughts come to you.

Try to figure something out, maybe an issue
of concern to others in your field.

Mentally chew on a principle, a general
guideline, a basic fundamental rule.

Then write about it clearly and powerfully.


Make a good, educated guess as to
what's coming next in your industry,
your realm of activity, your nation.

Try to predict some aspect of the future,
based on information and intuitive hunches.

[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


Satish Talim said...

This post makes one think - good food for thought. I liked it and have mentioned it in my blog.

steven edward streight said...

Thanks satish talim. I will check out your blog again, just after I have my morning coffee. It's acid-reduced Kava, with orange blossom honey and vanilla soy milk.