Thursday, May 05, 2005

8 Secrets of the New Super Blogs

illumination liberation Posted by Hello

Not many blogologists will state from where and whom they got some of their ideas.

These revelations are from Otherwhere, from beyond boxes and spheres, way past the furthest reaches of Outerthere.

You are now party to the inner circle transmission of the *8* forbidden estoteric truths of the New Super Blog revolution.

8 Secrets of the New Super Blogs:
Blog Revelations from Otherwhere

(1.) Blogs will be interesting...or die.

(2.) Blogs will be unusual, abnormal, unique...or die.

(3.) Blogs will be practical, helpful, valuable...or die.

(4.) Blogs will be creative, innovative, artistic in both literary and graphic stylings...or die.

(5.) Blogs will be authoritative, reputable, credible, reliable...or die.

(6.) Blogs will be imaginative, original, personalized, customized...or die.

(7.) Blogs will be strong, loud, brilliant, brave...or die.

(8.) Blogs will be ethical, moral, legal and legitimate, altruistic...or die.

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