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14 Phases in a Typical Blogger's Life

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There's an interesting post on Min Jung Kim's Braindump Diva Bitchslaps blog, entitled "Lifecycle of Bloggers"

You know I'm fond of lists, for I believe lists are a great way of organizing thought and presenting information.

When you blog, turn idea clusters into lists whenever possible. Use the number of items in your post title, which arouses intrigue, promises specifics, and enhances credibility.

Not "Tips on Email Writing" but "12 Tips for Effective Emails that Generate Response".

With an article like "Lifecycle of Bloggers", you're going to get some who will argue, "that's not what happened in my life" or "maybe this is true for personal blogs, but not business blogs" and junk like that.

Probably just jealous that Min was smart enough and creative enough to come up with the list. A list is organized, hierarchical or process descriptive, thought.

Now let's take a look at Min's list.

I'll begin with the intro paragraph. I've snipped (deleted) some portions as a courtesy to the author, to motivate you to go visit the original article, and read other posts there.

[QUOTE from Min Jung Kim]

Having blogged in one form or fashion for the last 6 years or so (not including personal journals that I’ve written in, on paper even, with crayon even, since I was six years old), allow me to personally provide you with a rundown on the lifecycle that I’ve observed from personal bloggers.

#1. Start reading blogs.

You start out as a lurker...


#2. You start a blog.


#3. You become a stats whore.

Daily stats/referrals and meme participation for webrings, quizlists, personality profiles, and the occasional sepia toned webcam photo to make you look all “emo” and “sultry” and “sensitive” or at least a little bit thinner.


#4. You become really personal on your site as the online and real-life worlds start confusing you.

As you recognize the possibility of being an opinion leader in your personal circle, people flame you. You occasionally flame back. You cry about comments that certain people make to provoke you. You bitch about these things as well. Then you take into consideration that comments were made by pimply 14 year olds...


#5. You faux “retire” from blogging.


#6. You cave back into blogging in less than 72 hours.


#7. You decide to “get serious” about blogging.

You seek out “The A-List” of bloggers and start reading more of them, and news about them, and news about blogging in general.


#8. You have a pseudo flirty im/blogging/flickr flirting relationship with another blogger whom you have never met.

This will likely end badly. Very badly.

#9. You decide that you must meet other bloggers.


#10. You take a step back and metablog about blogging and what blogging has done about your blogging.

You become pedantically navelgazingly annoying. For some reason, your blogger readership eats this shit up. This does not convince you, however, that you want to do something silly like smoke weed with Marc Canter. Because even *you* know that’s a bad idea.

#11. See step 5. Shampoo, rinse, repeat.




[END QUOTE by Min Jung Kim]

[STREIGHT commentary]:

Curious about what those last three phases in the life of a typical blogger are?

Wonder what juicy stuff I snipped out (deleted from the article)?

Then GO:

Go read the entire article at:


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[signed] Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

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