Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Vaspers, chill out dude!

not always easy to be soft and sweet... Posted by Hello

Vaspers the Grate has been a bit too grating, according to some fans, allies, and colleagues.

While they sympahtize with some of my legitimate concerns, and admire how I am taking a bold and decisive stand against deceptive or unwise blog practices, they are offended by my tone.

Schmuck that I am, I idiotically allow myself to get so bent out of shape, that I rail and rage against something, and forget my guiding principle, stated thusly:

I prefer a reader to think, "Yes, Vaspers is correct. Ghost blogging [or whatever] is not a good idea in most cases."

Rather than, "Wow. This dude sure is angry. Can't control his temper. Huh."

So this is just a heads up that I am listening to you.

I think I shine when it comes to posts like "33 Ways to Enhance Blog Credibility", "Seven Laws of Blogging", "How to Write Power Emails", "CEO Blogs, Polish Them Up Please", and similar, more positive, more practical topics.

People do change.

Vaspers is not a raging bull, looking for blogospheric anomolies and aberrations to attack and denounce, although they do exist.

Vaspers is torn between his desire to warn and alert you to trouble or deception...

...and wanting to be peaceful, helpful, kind, and constructive.

Sometimes it's not easy to maintain a strong online voice and a compassionate heart.

So, hang in there.

The New Smiley Super Vaspers is coming.

In fact, I think I see him coming around the bend.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


steven edward streight said...

Hi, Steven

Just a quick note -- I just wanted to let you know that, from my
perspective, the tone of your blog has seemed a bit vindictive lately.
As a member of your audience (and as a sample of one, of course), I
that quite off-putting. I'm just mentioning this because I had enjoyed
your writing previously, and I know you care very much about the
of your writing.

If you're satisfied with your current blogging approach, then that's
fine, I respect that. And I am neither criticizing nor agreeing with
your views here, nor commenting on your personality or character. In
truth, I find it difficult to wade through your tone sufficiently to
form an opinion on the issues you've been raising. Again, that is only
my perspective and experience.

As a colleague, I thought I should raise this with you privately. I
I have not offended you.

- Amy Gahran

steven edward streight said...

Mr. Streight,

I wanted to let you know that I'm unsubscribing from your blog, Vaspers the Grate, because I can't remember reading anything positive on it for the several months I've been reading the feed. I tried to leave this as a comment, but couldn't do that... I take that as an indication that you don't want people commenting on your negativity. I can understand that you might be trying to reduce comment spam, but since you allow comments on Blogthenticity, then I can only think that you are trying to prevent people from giving their opinion on your site.

If you want to deride blogs, perhaps you could also provide some constructive criticism and some posts on what are some good blogs (as opposed to all the bad ones and sarcastic criticism).

Nels OC

steven edward streight said...

Thank you for taking the time to write to me and to
express your honest feelings.

I really appreciate that, and your email indicates to
me that you're exactly the type of person I don't want
to lose as a subscriber.

I need people like you, very much. You had the caring
attitude to scold me for what you perceive as my
negativity, and you had the guts to confront me
without being vulgar, harsh, or crude.

I respect that.

You know, I've been the target of a lot of flaming for
ridiculous reasons, because I questioned RSS, or other

I also know that I can get so bitter and vindictive,
adopting a "destroy the enemy so they can never rise
up and attack again", which is maybe how physical wars
must be fought, but, as a pacifist, I prefer to
"conquer" the opponents by converting them into
allies. Which I have done in the past.

Another ally of mine complained of the tone of my
recent posts, saying the negativity prevented her from
following my argument and just turned her off.

So, I don't want to wimp out and be a passive fluffy
teddy bear who loves everyone and everything no matter
how deceptive or bad they may be...

...but I also don't wish to alienate good people, like
yourself, with my rage and triumphalism.

I have decided I shine when I post things like "33
Ways to Enhance Blog Credibility", "Seven Laws of
Blogging", How to Write Topic Titles", "Power Email
Tips", and other more instructive material. I get lots
of nice feedback.

While I still need to warn and alert and even wage
some blogo-combat now and then, I sincerely wish to
learn how to do it less offensively.

I want readers to think, "Yes, he's right, comment
spam is a serious problem and now I know how to
prevent it."

And not, "Boy, he sure is angry."

Will you forgive me, give me another chance to inform,
persuade, enlighten, and encourage you?

I really am going to go back to a more positive
orientation. You'll see.

A new more positive post is coming within minutes of
this email. Check it out, then decide.

I have made big mistakes attempting to do big things.
It happens. But I don't wish to make enemies or to
lose allies and readers and subscribers.

Are you a Blogline or a FeedDemon subscriber?

Thanks. I don't know what else to say.

Comment spam: I'm limited in how I can deal with it
here at Blogger, whereas at BLOGthenticity, there has
only been a TrackBack Spam problem, no comment spam
that I know of.

But no, I'm not trying to avoid critiques, far from
it. I learn more from critique and flames and
complaints than from praise. Heh.

Hang in there dear friend.

Give me a second chance. You won't regret it.

steven edward streight said...

Paul Woodhouse, The Tinbasher, emails this contrarian comment...

...(see, it's not a hundred kinds of hell to email comments to a blog, you schumck ass sissies)...

You've gone into cuddly bunny mode.

I'm not always a fan of being civilised and pleasant. Sometimes sarcastic
and stupid bullying work just as well. Not always as respected, but such is

Essentially they're saying 'I don't get it'. I had to laugh about Amy saying
she wanted to bring it up with you privately. Well send a damn email! ;-)

At the end of the day, it's your 33 ways type posts that get linked to and
what the Doc wants to associate himself with.

Humour is always a matter for personal taste. It's a niche thing. Half the
fuckers don't understand either of us. But, that doesn't always mean you
have to prostitute yourself to make yourself mainstream. Persoanlly, I
couldn't give a crapola.

I think people just get sick of the same stuff whether it's vitriolic,
pleasant, cuddly or whatever.

We can't all be perfect, but we can be honest. It's all about horses for
courses. Sometimes we get pissed and we deal with it. We might not deal with
it in a way that everybody approves of. TOUGH. At least we're trying to deal
with it.

That point about what good blogs are is a good one. We probably should do
both. The problem is though that they're aren't that many good ones.

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From: "Steven Streight"
To: Paul the Tinbasher Blogger
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: Doc Searls update
at BLOGthenticity

steven edward streight said...

Paul, read my mental lips, you telepathic dysfunkt:

Amy did send me an electro-mail.

That's how all these comments got here, except mine.

The schmuck ass sissies and bloitered lazies who are appalled at having to email comments...who has time for such crybaby bully wannabes?

And they don't even know how to flame.

Their mommies prolly brainwashed them to be polite, even to the executioner as he lowers his blade...