Sunday, April 24, 2005

Top Blog Pros at Blog Core Values blog

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I will be starting a new blog credibility and proficiency blog, tentatively called the Blog Core Values blog.

Those pro bloggers who signed on to a previous group/acadmemic blog, which I have now renounced and severed all ties with, will hopefully hop on board my new project.

These include:

(1.) Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing
(2.) Serena Matthews, Painting Angels
(3.) Robin "Roblimo" Miller, NewsForge, Slashdot
(4.) Evan Williams, evhead, Blogger, Odeo
(5.) Debbie Weil, BlogWrite for CEOs
(6.) Hugh McLeod, Gaping Void
(7.) Robert May, Business Pundit
(8.) Ken Layne
(9.) David Hudson, Green Cine Daily
(10.) Dean Esmay, Dean's World
(11.) Perry de Havilland, Big Blog Company, (posted, more coming)
(12.) Dave Taylor, Intuitive Life Business Blog
(13.) Amy Gahran, Contentious
(14.) Jeff Gregory, Subspace Platform Recordings
(15.) Scott Ginsberg, HELLO My Name is Scott
(16.) Christopher Locke, Chief Blogging Officer, Cluetrain Manifesto, Gonzo Marketing
(17.) Bennett Theissen, Blog Hater Extraordinaire
(18.) Joi Ito
(19.) Doc Searls, Cluetrain Manifesto, Doc Searls Weblog, Linux Journal
(20.) David Weinberger, JOHO the Blog
(21.) Shel Israel, It Seems To Me, The Red Couch
(22.) Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World
(23.) Ernie Svenson, Ernie the Attorney
(24.) John Moore, Brand Autopsy
(25.) Jennifer Rice, What’s My Brand Mantra?

(28.) Buzz Bruggeman, Buzzmodo
(29.) Jeremy C. Wright, Ensight
(30.) Todd Sattersten, A Penny For, 800 CEO Read, Blog Book Tour
(31.) Rich Marcello, Hewlett-Packard, Rich Marcello's Blog (posted, more coming)
(32.) John C. Dvorak, Dvorak Uncensored, CBS MarketWatch
(33.) Richard Edelman, Edelman Independent Global PR
(34.) Hugh Hewitt
(35.) Dave Pell, Davenetics
(36.) Laura Ries, The Origin of Brands Blog
(37.) Michael S. Hyatt, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Working Smart (posted, more coming)
(38.) Neville Hobson, Nevon

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