Sunday, April 17, 2005

Inspiring Employees to Post on Your Blog

inspiring employees
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We've had a fascinating little discussion over at BLOGthenticity on how to get employees to support and contribute to a business blog.

A restaurant owner is excited about blogging. He says he has 50 or 100 employees, and many are very "colorful", have interesting stories, love to talk...but refuse to post material to the company blog.

"If the colorful talkative employees posted some anecdotes, it would make the restaurant blog more interesting, contain rich content, and thus, drive blog readers to the restaurant," reasons the restaurant owner.

How to Get Employees to Post to Your Restaurant Blog:

(1.) Make it having a contest: the first 5 to post a legit and valuable writing to the blog get gift certificates, dinner for 2 with drinks and desserts. The best post of the month: 2 paid vacation days. Best post of the year: 1 extra week of paid vacation.

(2.) Don't ask them to post to the blog. Just send an email survey, asking each employee a question, like "who has been your favorite restaurant customer, and why?" or "what do you like best about the restaurant?" or "what could we do to improve the restaurant?"

Then post the best responses.

(3.) Have a suggestion box type thing, only call it the Blog Post Box, a slight pun, and let employees scribble material and pop it into that box.

(4.) Have the employees trained in blogology:

* in a banquet room

* give them a catered lunch from some other restaurant that your buddy runs

* show them what a blog is

* show them some really funny ones, some other restaurant blogs, blogs on various topics, etc.

* ask them what your blog could learn from these other cool blogs

* have employees step up to the computer and write a "practice post" that is not published (unless it's good) just to show how to do it.

Anybody have any more ideas?

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