Monday, April 11, 2005

Comment Spammers are Doomed

for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal Posted by Hello

To comment on my blog posts, I ask that you email me your comments, at the address displayed on this blog.

Comments on all my blogs (Vaspers the Grate, Streight Site Systems, Art Test Explosion, Cosmos Blogmos, etc.) have been temporarily turned off effective today, to deal with a comment spam attack.

This attack against my blogs, and their interactive mechanisms for user-generated content, will not succeed--and I shall retaliate.

The attackers don't know what weapons I have at my disposal, but they're about to find out.

I have never experienced any problem with comment spam on any of my sites until a few days ago.

Being disabled, I don't get out much and I don't sleep much.

Which means I'm guarding and working on my blogs constantly, round the clock. There is no good time for a comment spammer to try to launch an attack against me.

I'm vigilant and diligent in removing comment spam from my blogs, to prevent an unwary user from linking to a malicious site.

And I'm attentive and tireless in alerting my allies to comment spam attacks on their blogs.

Comment Spam is a human (manual) or spambot (automated) contribution to a blog's comment field, which often contains a brief, vague intro ("Love your site. Just discovered it today. Read almost the entire article. Will return later to read more. Hey, check out these sites..."), then a list of URLs (hypertext links) for sleazy, immoral, unethical, con artist, or malicious and dangerous sites.

The purpose of comment spam is to drive traffic to these sites to sell dubious or non-existent products, and/or to attach spyware to your computer, or cause damage to your computer's files or hard drive. It is also used to boost the ranking, and thus the visibility, of the site in various search engines results lists.

MY LIGHTNING RESPONSE: I was able to spot the comment spam on my sites, and remove it immediately, thanks to some detection controls built into my bloggery boles working in conjunction with an email alert system. But I've decided to firewall the comments for a while to save me even more time and trouble, during this busy period for me.

I don't blame them for having hostile intent, since I have not downplayed or disguised my all out warfare against them.

I have proposed, sponsored, and enacted various initiatives to expose, disrupt, and harm comment spammers.

Ironically, my most popular post on Vaspers the Grate, and the one that got picked by the blogosphere more extensively than any other, was "Comment Spammers: Internet Pigs and How They Feed," which blogger Amy Gahran called a "brilliant manifesto," and she included it in her email newsletter.

ATTENTION: All Cyber Vandal Comment Spammers:
Here's a cryptic hint for you to sleuth. Do not look into laser with remaining eye!

Vasperization continues unabated.


Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate


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