Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ancient to Modern Spam

spam noise annoys Posted by Hello

communication tool: FACIAL EXPRESSIONS
spam intrusion: deceptive winks/smiles/grimaces, crocodile tears,masks

communication tool: GESTURES
spam intrusion: misleading body language

communication tool: VOICE
spam intrusion: spoken lies, irrelevant chatter

communication tool: PAINTINGS, MURALS, SIGNS
spam intrusion: print ads, posters, billboards, marquees

communications tool: SMOKE SIGNALS
spam intrusion: ad blimps, airplane banners, sky writing

communication tool: BOOK
spam intrusion: trashy literature

communication tool: NEWSPAPER
spam intrusion: tabloids, yellow journalism

communication tool: TELEPHONE
spam intrusion: telemarketing

communication tool: RADIO
spam intrusion: radio commercials

communication tool: FILM
spam intrusion: propaganda shorts and sales trailers

communication tool: TELEVISION
spam intrusion: tv commercials

communications tool: POSTAL MAIL
spam intrusion: junk mail

communication tool: ELECTRONIC MAIL
spam intrusion: unsolicited commercial email

communication tool: BLOG
spam intrusion: ad agency simulated blog or ghost-written blog

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