Thursday, March 31, 2005

What is the Killer App for Blogs?

has the ideal been realized? Posted by Hello

I wonder: has the killer app for blogs been realized yet?

What implementation of blogging holds the greatest promise for the future?

I really don't think the perfect and ideal utilization of blogs is the digital diary.

Why? Because these are being abandoned, and the content in most cases is of little value or relevance to others. They are good therapy, personal expression outlets, but not the abode of great literary genius, in most cases.

Then, what is the killer app?

Is it citizen journalism? Especially, event blogging with moment-by-moment breaking news (tsumani, Iraq elections)?

Client and customer acquisition platforms?

More effective public relations, with non-press release, i.e., transparent, sincere, and altruistic, posts?

Political punditry?

The Rathergate, Lottgate, and other scandal exposes?

Grassroots political, social, and special cause advocacy?

Collaborative research?

Corporate intra-net type vehicle, in an easier to update, searchable archive, dated-entry format?

Group and team project blogs, where progress and debates can be efficiently followed and appended?

Support and traffic boosting for business web sites?

CEO humanization, the candid conversation with customers?

Sales and marketing applications we have yet to witness?

Will wikis and blogs merge into “blikis”?

I predict that cyborg-logs, “glogs”, may be in the running, with wearable computers enabling users to blog while they jog, perhaps even blog while they sleep (just kidding on that one!).

I think there will be more blogs turning into, with much editorial refinement, books. Publishers will find it easy to discover new writing talent, see the blogger’s writing style right there on the screen.

Thus, it’s important, IMHO, to buck the prevailing notion of “hurried, imperfect writing”, and craft well-written blogs, if you have any intention of a professional career of any sort, in any business or literary direction.

In short, the main question we must ask is definitely not “will blogging catch on and become mainstream?”

The question for us is rather: “How can I craft a killer blog, one that accomplishes my personal, corporate, or professional goals? The heck with what anybody else does.”

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