Monday, March 28, 2005

Visit the Chandrasutra Blog

chandrasutra blog is noteworthy Posted by Hello

Chandra = moon

Sutra = narrative

Chandrasutra = a new blog discovery.

Go to for an interesting blog by an intelligent and very nice woman, my friend Mel.

We debated quite intensely on the issues contained in my post "You Are Not A Blog", and became good pals as a result.

Life is funny.

She has a recent post on email Subject lines, one of my big concerns. Check out this post at:

We have a ton of similar interests. She's almost a female version of me, in many respects.

Mel is interested, as I am, in Eastern spirituality, Buddhism, and yoga.

See her post "Hungry Ghosts" about "boga" or trendy, commercialized pseudo-yoga, at:


Mel said...

Wow! This is so sweet. I never thought I'd have an online debate with somebody and be rewarded so generously. Steve, you're good soul and a great sparring (sp?) partner. I only hope I can live up to the praise (and artwork! wow!). You've made my week ;-)

steven edward streight said...

Debate, to me, is the pursuit of truth, not the ruthless combat to bring victory to the most dominant voice.

I don't express vague thoughts. I state aggressively my firm convictions.

But I know for sure that I am not 100% correct on everything I think. To feel that way would be mentally ill, deluded, insecure and clinging to a belief to prevent drowning in the sea of controversy.

I am in the process of re-evaluating a few of my ideas right now, in particular my anti-RSS stance. I have strong misgivings about RSS, but I need to explore the technology more.

Glad you liked my tribute to you, my noble and intelligent friend.