Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Broken Back Blogging

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I seem to have broken my back for the third time in a 15 year span, or at least injured it quite a bit.

My lower spine is too painful and weak for me to get into a car and go to the doctor. And I won't call an ambulence and go to the emergency room unless it gets really serious. Hospital staff wouldn't let me crawl up to a computer and get some work done.

Nobody probably ever knew that I was a disabled blogger, because I never talked about it. I have a permanent spinal disability that cannot be repaired. (I had one surgery, and one botched epidural steroid injection that caused panic attacks for a year). I also have a frozen shoulder.

And now I've damaged my lower spine again by walking too much and lifting too much weight. It's hard to know if I'm exercising too little or too much. Lately, too much.

So the only reason I'm putting this "personal detail" into a business blog is for business reasons: I can't post articles to my blogs, or comments on my friends' blogs, or respond to emails as rapidly as I used to.

Instead of spending 15 to 20 hours a day on the computer, I now spend that many minutes, if I'm lucky. But I will fight through the pain, crawl to the computer, and do a little work as often as I can.

No need to post sympathy comments or send sympathy emails, though probably one or two of my readers may be tempted to do so.

I just want people to not think that I've lost interest, or can't think of anything to bitch about regarding the blogosphere or web usability.

There are lots of ideas, warnings, and insights I want to share with everyone for free, but it might be not quite as prolific, if indeed it ever was "prolific".

I want to post articles on "ice cream truck" web sites, new email composition tips, how to safely and wisely include personal details in a business blog, fair use of copyright material in blogs, plus my thinking on anonymous blogs, tip jars, measuring the blogosphere, the future of blogging, and many other topics.

I'm very dizzy as I type and feel like I could pass out (faint) any minute. I've never felt like that before. Is it because I'm forced to spend most of my time in the boring, unproductive bed?

Not totally boring or unproductive though.

I'm reading, for the third time the tome Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust.

Talk about writing that wouldn't work online: sometime a sentence will fill an entire page, with all the parenthetical statements and tangents. At the end of a sentence, I often forget how it began, so have to re-read it.

But I like Proust's obsessive detailing of scenery, his use of personality analogies, and his injection of art commentary and philosophical asides in the midst of soap opera type scenes.

I'm also reading books on sales, business, web design, and marketing.

I'm honored that through my stupidity in accidentally damaging my already damaged back, I'm now in the ranks of those who have suffering as a teacher and disciplinarian.

As the good and noble Gautama Buddha stated, "There is suffering", and not "I am suffering." To personalize it is to resist and amplify it. To objectify it is to welcome it and begin to intelligently modify it, make it serve ones own higher purposes.

Okay, enough personal detail blogging.

See ya later my friends.


Mel said...

Thought I'd come by and see what you were posting about - sorry to hear about your back. That's awful. But it's great that you're continuing to post and also great that you're revisiting Proust. Be well and keep posting :-)

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Mel. You're very sweet. How nice of you to drop by and thanks for the Proust comment.

Have you ever read his massive tome?

There is something bizarre about his writing, so excessive, so obsessive, so hideously detailed and minute in observation, just the opposite of my style of writing, a wonderful change of pace.

His style is affecting my own writing. I've noticed that I've incorporated his long sentence structure and convoluted meanderings a few times lately in posting comments on other blogs. Proust's style came to the rescue and was effective.